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Volgabus Snowbus Pilotless all-terrain vehicle

Developers: Bakulin Motors Group (earlier - OOO GK Volgabas)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/06/04
Branches: Transport

2019: Announcement of the all-terrain vehicle

On June 4, 2019 it became known that the Russian company Volgabus provided the pilotless SNOWBUS all-terrain vehicle. It is intended for movement on lack of roads in the pilotless, remotely-controlled or manual mode.

Pilotless Snowbus all-terrain vehicle

The majority of developments in the field of pilotless wheel transport is concentrated in the field of cars. However some developers create highly specialized unmanned vehicles for work in certain conditions. So, the Russian company Volgabus developed the unmanned vehicle for application outside the city. It represents the all-terrain vehicle capable to move on ice and snow and also to float and overcome obstacles up to 1.6 meters high. The all-terrain vehicle has four-wheel construction with small wheel base. Wheels with buses of low pressure with a diameter of 165 centimeters are set in motion by the synchronous electric motors receiving energy from the li-ion cell which is in turn charged from the diesel generator. Developers note that the maximum operating time of the generator from one gas station is till 120 o'clock.

The all-terrain vehicle is intended for transportation of passengers. For this purpose, in addition to the driver's seat, ten more seats — on five from each party of salon are provided in it. The input in the all-terrain vehicle is in front and is closed by the big hatch. Besides, in a back part of the all-terrain vehicle the coupling device for the trailer is installed. Until the company showed a possible appearance of the trailer only on rendering.

Developers do not disclose details of work of the all-terrain vehicle in the pilotless mode. For example, it is unknown whether it can go on public roads and also how exactly there is an autonomous movement on lack of roads. Besides, also what sensors were used by developers in the car is unknown.[1]