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Automation of training in Rosinter Restorants

Customers: Rosinter Restaurants Holding

Moscow; Tourism, hotel and restaurant business

Contractors: Teachbase

Project date: 2018/04  - 2018/09

Difficulties in training of employees

  • Difficult algorithm of appointment. A matrix of appointments as vertical (all in a brand), and horizontal (to all managers of any brand).
  • Distribution of up-to-date information for all. Mail and the Intranet do not cope with a task.
  • Distortions because of geography. Not all information is relevant for each region.
  • Need to regularly maintain relevance of materials, standards.

As a result …

  • distortion or ignoring of the acquired information
  • irritation and dissociation at employees, a crisis of confidence in a brand
  • non-compliance with standards, decrease in an ekspertnost of employees


  • Depending on a position
  • Depending on the region
  • Depending on a specific location
  • Depending on the franchisee

Examples of scenarios of training

  • To the new employee a certain set of rates is automatically appointed.
  • Every month a new subject within cyclic training.
  • When updating standards we do a mini-rate for all.
  • At appointment to a new position new courses are appointed automatically.
  • We combine offline and online training: before an internal training we allow to study the theory; after an online course we give practical tasks.
  • We carry out mass certification.


  • Transparent system of appointment and tracking
  • Minimization of manual control
  • Instant information transfer to privates without distortions
  • Positive influence on HR-brand