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The Levoberezhny bank was connected to SBP based on a complex of solutions of CFT

Customers: Left-bank CB

Novosibirsk; Financial services, investments and audit

Product: System of Fast Payments (SFP)
Second product:

Project date: 2019/04  - 2019/09

2019: Connection to SBP based on a complex of solutions of CFT

On October 9, 2019 CFT reported that the Levoberezhny bank made technology connection to the System of Fast Payments (SFP) of the Bank of Russia. Now private clients of financial institution can instantly transfer money to other persons having accounts in SBP participating banks without the commission on the phone number. The project is implemented using a complex of solutions of CFT company.

Sending payments is performed by users in internet- bank and in mobile application BL-online, implemented based on technologies RBS As the gateway to OPKTS SBP cloud the Platform "Zolotaya Korona" is used (TPP for participants of SBP certified NATIONAL PAYMENT CARD SYSTEM). Payment processing, their "landing", the liquidity management are executed in to a system CFT Bank, the used financial institution as the main CORE BANKING SYSTEM.

For the banks working with products and services of CFT, connection to SBP is already standardized, is successfully replicated and technology such project is implemented within three-four weeks. Our cloud platform for connection of banks to SBP is the flexible technology removing for banks a number of questions of both technology, and financial character, inherent for a stage of implementation, debugging of a system, accumulation of its functionality in the future. Banks implement fast connection to SBP and minimize the costs for the project. Besides, our partners get the centralized support and timely changes in the SBP standards,
speaks Victoria Smolenskaya, the director of service "Platform of Bank Self-service", "Zolotaya Korona"

The Levoberezhny bank joined the System of fast payments of the Bank of Russia in the terms set by the regulator, and we are going to develop actively technologies of cashless payments and instant translations through mobile banking. Our partner – CFT, provided us the solution of all technology aspects connected with connection of bank to SBP and service of transactions within this system. We received the ready-made solution, including a user-friendly client interface – in our case this mobile application for BL-online individuals implemented on the platform. In the long term service of instant translations will extend scenarios of payments, categories of clients – c2b, b2b, etc. We aim to provide convenient services for our clients and are interested in improvement of quality of payment services in general. We expect that the service of fast payments in the phone number will be popular, will allow to make financial services even more available to the population,
notes Pavel Trubachyov, the development director of banking technologies of Levoberezhny Bank