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"The first engineer" reconstructed a parokondensatny system in Multona

Customers: Multan

Food industry

Contractors: The first engineer
Product: Complex projects of creation of the engineering systems

Project date: 2019/07  - 2020/01

2020: Upgrade of a system of return of condensate of production workshop and boiler house

On February 10, 2020 it became known that The First Engineer company (enters into LANIT group) upgraded the system of return of condensate of production workshop and the boiler company "Multon" producing Kind juice, Rich, etc. A project objective – economy of water resources and energy, increase in efficiency of the equipment.

Own boiler house "Multon" produces steam for heating systems, hot water supply, ventilation and production provides the ferry. Steam consumption at the enterprise makes from 6 t/h during the summer period and up to 31 t/h in winter. The purpose of upgrade of a parokondensatny system – reduction of the excess costs for development of thermal energy and water treatment caused by shortcomings of a system of a kondensatootvod.

Specialists of The First Engineer company revised the available project documentation for the organization of return of condensate from steam generators to deaerators, optimization of a system of reduction of steam and change of the scheme of return of condensate from technology equipment.

Installation of equipment and commissioning had to be carried out in the conditions of the operating production. Our command successfully coped with an assigned task and completed all works at the scheduled time. The carried-out upgrade provided return to a system about 2 t/h of condensate that makes steam to 30% of economy of an expense,