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"Pioneer" automates processes of budget management using Conteq

Customers: Pioneer, group of companies

Moscow; Construction and industry of construction materials

Contractors: Conteq
Product: BIT: Construction

Project date: 2019/10


2019: Start of the project on control automation in cash

The Conteq company and Pioner Group announced on October 8, 2019 continuation of cooperation and that they started implementation of the next project — on control automation by in cash (treasury).

Contractor Selection

Joint work originates from Pioner Group since 2016: the Conteq company was invited for upgrade of the existing management system and planning of productive activity. Experts of Conteq booked audit of the used tools therefore also the advanced functionality of a project management system of Microsoft Project was optimized, and on its base the possibility of implementation of full-fledged management and control of all project progress appeared. In more detail about this project read here.

When before the company there is an important and difficult issue about upgrade of the IT environment, there is a wish that it was solved qualitatively and comfortably for all project participants. Our previous experience with Conteq company was positive, the command from integrator performed all works competently and in time, having proved the examination in the field of construction. Therefore as soon as we had a task to automate processes of budget management, we already knew with whom we will work — Svetlana Batsunova, the director of economy of Pioner Group told.

Choosing a Solution

For the solution of the matter the company management addressed to Conteq again. After carrying out inspections and studying of the solutions presented at the market, the choice was stopped on the solution "BIT: Construction", completely conforming to the delivered requirements. This solution is intended for complex automation of work of all departments of construction company that, as expected, will help to achieve main goals of implementation: reduce risks of cash gaps and more rational to use money. Thanks to opportunities of the solution it is going to optimize work: accounting, commercial division, material department, division on management of mechanization and motor transport and financial and economical service.

The expected effect of the project

It is supposed that thanks to implementing solution "BIT: Construction" departments of Pioner Group will be able to exercise control of finance of the construction organization: create budgets, monitor cash flow, control actual costs. All financial plans with indication of limits, forecasts and risks will be stored on a centralized basis in a system and are available to work to all appointed participants. Such transparent scheme of work considerably will simplify a possibility of formation of payment schedules, reportings and will reduce time for processes of approval of all finance documents.

Thus, will become possible to control activity of departments of the company, to make strategic decisions and to do financial and economic forecasts by the necessary periods.