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Russians will be able to complain traffic violation on smartphone


Government and social institutions

Project date: 2019/02

February 7, 2019 the State Duma adopted in the first reading the bill thanks to which citizens of Russia will be able personally to participate in fight against violators of traffic regulations. Decrees on administrative punishments of motorists will be issued on the basis of the sent photos and video without drawing up the protocol.

Using cameras of smartphones and tablets, users will be able to fix, for example, abuse of regulations of journey through the railway crossing, driving through red light, driving into the oncoming lane, not admission of machines with special signals, abuse of regulations of a stop and the parking.

Russians will be able to complain of motorists violators of traffic regulations using the smartphone
Russians will be able to complain of motorists violators of traffic regulations using the smartphone

The materials which are finished shooting by pedestrians should be registered on the uniform portal of the public and municipal services with indication of time and coordinates of shooting. Video files will arrive on the portal where will undergo initial check. 

To use service, it will be necessary to be registered in a special state information system and to download the corresponding application. Investments into the project are estimated at 2.7 billion rubles.

The sense is that citizens are connected to fixing of violations, the coordinator of "Society of blue buckets" Pyotr Shkumatov explains. Earlier it was possible too, but violators, in fact, did not attract – the maximum was sent by the agenda that the person came to group of analysis, and people ignored them". After entry into force of an innovation penalties will be written out in the automatic mode, the expert notes.

By February, 2019 several years the Assistant to Moscow and National Inspector applications using which it is possible to photograph and shoot video by violators are available to residents of Moscow and Tatarstan. Assistant of Moscow has more than 340  thousand users, from 2015 to February of the 2019th they sent more than 1.5  million photos of breakers of rules of the parking. [1]