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NORBIT implemented cloud CRM based on "Bitriks24" in Stalker Group

Customers: Stalker of Groups

Moscow; Show business, leisure, sport

Contractors: NORBIT
Product: 1C-Bitriks24

Project date: 2019/01  - 2019/06

On July 10, 2019 the company NORBIT (enters into group LANIT) announced implementation cloud CRM- a system based on the platform "Bitriks24" in "Stalker of Groups" – the company specializing in international hunting and fishing tourism. Service allows to plan effectively project implementation in a narrowly targeted and expensive segment of tourist industry with more, than 300 partners and clients worldwide.

Earlier customer information and transactions was stored in separate files therefore employees used the unstructured customer base. In the company there was no accurate maintenance of the client after completion of the transaction and there was no possibility of carrying out cross-sellings.

The NORBIT configured the Bitriks24 platform based on its standard opportunities and also provided two training of employees taking into account specifics of the different directions of the company and a separate rate on administration of a system for company executives. The implemented CRM completely automated commercial business processes and customer interaction. In a project deliverable processes on sales management were optimized, full control of each stage of the transaction appeared. CRM allows to create tasks, to distribute them between employees and to poison different reminders in the course of maintaining the transaction.

All client data were united in uniform base, there was an opportunity to fix the history of communication with each client and to prepare commercial offers.

We were faced by a task to select an information system of business process automation of the sales department. Cloud "Bitriks24" became for us an optimal combination of systems capabilities, the prices, speeds of implementation and simplicity of support. Thanks to the project implemented with NORBIT we achieved considerable optimization of internal business processes and quality improvement of communications,
noted Anna Chepiga, the chief financial officer of Stalker Group

For a command of NORBIT the project in Stalker Group became the first in implementation to cloud CRM based on "Bitriks24". It is sure, this CRM will allow to increase transparency of business processes and to improve quality of customer interaction due to decrease in operating costs,
told Anton Chekhonin, the CEO of NORBIT