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Elar digitizes cultural monuments and stories for a national treasury of Russia

Customers: State Historical Museum (SHM)

Moscow; Show business, leisure, sport

Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2019/04  - 2019/09

2019: Digitization of cultural monuments and history

On October 9, 2019 ELAR corporation reported that it conducts works on digitization of museum collections in the State Historical Museum. Electronic copies of exhibits will fill up virtual collections of the museum and will become available to viewing on the website of organization.

Thousands of foreign and Russian tourists annually visit not only the main building of the museum at Red Square and other its structural divisions, but also actively use virtual resources of organization.

Within the GIM joint project and ELAR corporation the base of images of collections of the museum which will be available to users worldwide is created. So, from a collection of department of ceramics and glass specialists of ELAR digitized more than 36000 objects. It is one of the largest meetings of objects of porcelain, faience, a majolica, facing ceramics and glass. For a collection of department of written sources of ELAR creates electronic copies of documentary monuments on history XVII-XXI of Russia centuries. ELAR corporation uses only the specialized equipment which reliably protects objects in the course of digitization in work. Special setting of light allows to transfer all features and parts of originals,
speaks the associate director on scientific and share work - the chief keeper Marina Viktorovna Chistyakova

Works on digitization are conducted also in department "Collection of the museum of V.I. Lenin" representing fund of the museum objects which are directly connected with life and V.I. Lenin's activity and also party and statesmen of the Soviet period. The meeting of the State Historical Museum is the most important source of studying of history and the culture of Russia. The historical museum — the oldest museological center of the country, the scientific and methodical center for the museums of Russia.

At the same time keepers carry out work on filling of text boxes and entering of electronic copies into the database of organization. Besides, digital images will fill up Goskatalog of Museum fund of the Russian Federation.
comments Marina Viktorovna Chistyakova