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In "The museum of history of GULAG" exposure using a multimedia complex is created

Customers: State museum of history of GULAG

Moscow; Government and social institutions

Product: Audiovisions (projects)

Project date: 2018/11  - 2019/04

On May 14, 2019 the DeLight 2000 company announced project implementation on equipment of permanent exposure of "The museum of history of GULAG" the modern multimedia equipment.

Museum of history of GULAG

"The state museum of history of GULAG" (further the museum) is devoted to memory of the victims of mass repressions. In 2015 the museum moved to the building on 1st Samotyochny Lane and started development of permanent exposure.

The DeLight 2000 company which participated in creation of installations for a temporary exhibition of the museum earlier was involved in creation of exposure.

Permanent exposure received the name "GULAG in the fate of people and the history of the country" and allows to see detailed history of a repressive system in the USSR during 1920-1950, from creation of the first concentration camps before their closing after Stalin's death.

At design of exposure DeLight 2000 acted as the general designer, accurately coordinating work of several contractors in the different directions at once. Display systems of information, sound providing, power supply, the notification and management of evacuation, video surveillance and control by access, heating, conditioning and ventilation, SCS and the fire warning fell within the scope of responsibility of the company.

Museum of history of GULAG

At a stage of implementation DeLight 2000 performed works on delivery, installation and setup of the equipment. On the second and third floors of the museum more than 30 projective installations were created, including solutions with an image stitching were used. Not to encumber space and not to break decorating of exposition zones, function of projection screens is performed by walls. For creation of installations with personal stories – "Small stories" – were used compact ultrashort-focus projectors which practically exclude a possibility of shadowing of a projection by the viewer and optimum are suitable for creation of images of the small size.

Introduction to the story of "human measurement" became an innovation of exposure of the museum. Personal history of the people who suffered from repressions is opposed to the "big" official history speaking language of documents, statistics and chronicle. The multimedia format and a genre verbatim allow to feel effect of participation, to experience feelings and experiences of witnesses of an era.

Our main requirement was not to supersaturate exhibition areas the modern multimedia equipment – it should be, but only to help to inform of the atmosphere of that difficult era visitors. Specialists of DeLight 2000 showed consideration for our request and very accurately "entered" technical solutions in our artistic design.
Roman Romanov, director of the Museum of history of GULAG