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Digitalization of medicine: what technologies change psychiatry

Customers: Lunatic clinical asylum No. 1 of N.A. Alekseev

Moscow; Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

Contractors: Astrom-M, Panasonic Rus
Product: Panasonic UC platform KX-NSX-series

Project date: 2018/05  - 2018/10

2019: Why it is important to state agencies to implement modern telephony

The IP telephony became an important component of success in business, but the state tries to develop the same rates. Different departments even more often announce transition to digital methods of communications between employees and with clients. What does it give them and ordinary Russians?

Global transformation led to the fact that technologies are story already not only about business. It is necessary to change everything, and including – to the state and public institutions. And sometimes and reliability of communications of staff of such departments things much more important, than profits or a customer loyalty depend on quality.

State agencies select reliability

Lunatic clinical asylum No. 1 of N.A. Alekseev – one of the oldest medical institutions of the capital. In its structure not only the main office, but also the whole network of 19 clinics scattered on the different districts of Moscow. It is clear, that the efficiency of adoption of key solutions for hundreds of patients depends on quality of communications between them. And therefore communication between them should meet the highest standards.

The efficiency in our work – extremely important factor, – is confirmed by the head of the technical department of GBUZ PKB No. 1 DZM Egor Nazarenko. – Life and health of patients quite often depends on it.

In psychiatry the speed of solutions plays high value for recovery of patients
In psychiatry the speed of solutions plays high value for recovery of patients

Including therefore in hospital thought of improvement of the existing telephone system. Its upgrade promised to bring to organization serious pluses among which not only increase in efficiency and reliability of internal communication, but also improvement of customer service quality.

After studying of the situation which developed in lunatic asylum, its technical department came to a conclusion about need of installation highly reliable the equipment which would be able to support all modern standards of communication.

The mobility is brought by microcellular networks

Over the last 10 years Lunatic clinical asylum No. 1 cooperated with Panasonic company. Among other things, and at head office, and in all branches telephone sets of this producer, and, different models were installed. It made the new demand to a new solution: it had to lay down seamlessly over the previous implementations.

As equipment supplier the Astrom-M company which is certified by Panasonic was selected. In process of study of the project one more offer appeared: using the separate solution integrated with the general platform to completely cover the territory of hospital and its branches with microcellular DECT network (a wireless system with the certain frequency range, actually – own internal cellular network). Such need actually defined the specific solution of Panasonic which was a KX-NSX2000 IP PBX from a fresh line of the company.

Important feature of new platforms from a line of KX-NSX2000/1000 is the possibility of use of all capacity of a system for the IP telephony, including IP channels from provider and jobs with system telephone sets and/or mobile tubes of DECT. Also integration of cell phones is supported", – Boris Sturua, the specialist in a product of department of network telecommunication solutions of Panasonic Rus company details.


As a result of the KX-TDE600 IP PBX in the main task it was combined with KX-NSX2000 using NS1000RUG expansion unit. And 169 IP-DECT base stations of KX-NS0154CE became a basis for a complete covering of the territory of hospital a microcellular network.

As for branches of clinical hospital, KX-NS500 IP PBXs were installed there. They are focused on the small enterprises of small and medium business and also suit state institutions. Initial capacity of this mini-automatic telephone exchange – 6 external lines on 18 subscribers, but if desired a scope it is possible to increase up to 288 subscribers using add-on units of expansion. At the same time automatic telephone exchanges of all branches were connected with the central building in uniform network automatic telephone exchange using NSX2000 and One-look.

Saving money – to save lives

After project implementation Lunatic clinical asylum No. 1 managed to create a single telephone system with central office. For operational communications with all branches the vista number shot is used. At the same time employees had an opportunity to use both digital, and IP channels for communication among themselves and with clients of hospital. Doctors and administration after implementation became more mobile thanks to a microcellular DECT system.

The new telecommunication system significantly increased efficiency of personnel of our hospital, – Egor Nazarenko is sure. – Now, thanks to wireless telephones employees always in touch. Implementation of a single system of numbers between remote divisions allowed significantly (at least, by half) to cut decision making time on the main questions between branches.

Other important advantage is that the clinical hospital managed to save investments into the equipment purchased earlier. All park from 600 telephone sets which were purchased under the previous implementations works also at new KX-NSX2000 platform.

Considerable improvement of communication quality was also reached due to use of the IP telephony bypassing traditional communication channels for communication between branches. Besides, at setup of a unified plan of numbering we had an opportunity to consider in it not only the available, but also again opening branches, – Egor Nazarenko adds.

It is clear, that the hospital also saved on the organization of traditional communication channels between branches, at the IP telephony they are simply not necessary. But the main economy, really, was not financial: time is often what defines the fate of patients of clinics. And at them it became more.


On October 22, 2018 the Astrom-M company reported that it completed upgrade of a telecommunication telephone system of Lunatic clinical asylum No. 1 of N.A. Alekseevadepartament of health care of the city of Moscow. Within the project in medical institution the distributed telephone network based on KX-NXS2000 Panasonic UC platform is unrolled.

According to the company, for maintenance of customer service quality the medical institution needed upgrade of the existing telephone system. The equipment supporting all modern standards of communication and compatible to the telephone sets of different models installed earlier was required. The Astrom-M company proposed the solution which central node was KX-NSX2000 UC platform. Within the project in all branches of Lunatic clinical asylum No. 1 small IP platforms (IP PBX) of KX-NS500 were set.

Lunatic clinical asylum No. 1 of N.A. Alekseev

Analog and digital capacity when using KX-NSX2000 UC platform within the general system remains due to connection of the previous lines of the IP PBX as add-on units of expansion. It became one of requirements to the updated system since in medical institution the KX-TDE600 IP PBX was already used. Within the KX-TDE600 IP PBX project in the main task it was combined with KX-NSX2000 using NS1000RUG.

To make work of doctors and administrative personnel of the most comfortable and mobile, employees of "Astrom-M" developed the reliable solution which covered all territory of hospital with microcellular DECT network based on IP-DECT of base stations KX-NS0154. This model supports two methods of synchronization: by air and on LAN. The last, in turn, guarantees that the environment will not influence settings of the station. The management of hospital plans further expansion of microcellular DECT network.

In the UC platform the concept of universal access for the user to any devices within a system is also implemented. Office number is not tied to a certain device. Each subscriber can appoint one extension to several devices: office phone, DECT and mobile phone. Thanks to it the employee will be able to unroll a workplace when and anywhere.


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