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The Remote Banking (RB) - the general name of a method of providing banking services to the client (both legal, and to the individual) using means of telecommunications (most often phone, the Internet) without his direct visit to bank.

Internet banking is a kind of technologies of remote banking at which and to transactions (on them) it is provided to the access to accounts at any time and from any computer having Internet access. For execution of operations the browser is, as a rule, used, i.e. there is no need of installation of a client part of the software of a system.

Internet banking services

As a rule, services of Internet banking include:

  • account statements;
  • providing information on banking products (deposits, credits, mutual fund, etc.);
  • requests for opening of deposits, receiving credits, bank cards, etc.;
  • account transfers on bank accounts;
  • transfers to accounts in other banks;
  • converting of means;
  • payment of services.

Security of transactions

Important property of safety of Internet banking is confirmation of transactions using one-time passwords (that interception of traffic would not give to the malefactor the chance to get access to finance). Though the theoretical possibility of substitution of the server nevertheless remains, however implementation of similar fraud is quite problematic.

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