Muul is a Russian package aggregator. The service helps enterprises in the field of electronic commerce to select and produce packaging for their goods in a short time. Muul aggregates the supplier base, offering a suitable solution for price, production time and logistics. The entrepreneur needs to go to the platform website, choose the appropriate packaging style, enter the necessary sizes, indicate the number and address of delivery. The service will select the optimal price, find a manufacturer, monitor production and deliver the order on time to the office, home or nearest point of issue. Entrepreneurs can focus on sales of goods, Muul will take over all problems with packaging.


2022: Samara Region Venture Fund buys stake in Muul packaging supplier aggregator

At the end of April 2022, the Samara Region Venture Fund invested in Muul and received 5.26% in the package aggregator. The financial terms of the transaction are not disclosed. At the same time, it is known that the Samara Region Venture Fund will invest up to 20 million rubles in early-stage startups.

Small businesses always have limited resources, both finance and time. Selection of individual size and style of packaging of goods, production control, logistics - all this is a long and unprofitable process. We believe in the success of the Muul company, since their service helps entrepreneurs reduce the costs of sending and storing, as well as the costs of materials, so packaging customization is an example of cooperation from which everyone benefits, "said Elena Pozharnova, managing partner of the Samara Region Venture Fund, commenting on investing in a startup.

The venture fund of the Samara region bought a stake in the aggregator of packaging suppliers Muul

It is noted that against the background of the growth of marketplaces, small and medium-sized businesses in conditions of competition will be forced to look for ways to differentiate their product and brand among other companies. One such way is to brand packaging. Each shipped box contains up to 40% of the void, size castomization will significantly reduce shipping and storage costs, reduce the production of additional "garbage" materials and product damage, which, according to statistics, is an important factor in the first contact of customers with the brand and further repeated transactions.[1]