2022: Assumed the position of CEO of Ozon

Internet retailer Ozon has appointed two CEOs of two major legal entities. According to TASS, citing data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities dated May 13, 2022, Internet Solutions LLC was headed by the director of business development at Ozon Sergey Pankov, and the managing director of the marketplace Sergey Belyakov became the general director of Ozon Holding LLC.

The company explained that Ozon Holding LLC combines all Ozon assets and is 100% owned by Cyprus-based OZON HOLDINGS PLC. Internet Solutions LLC is 98% owned by Ozon Holding LLC - this is the main operating legal entity of Ozon, it includes most of the employees and the bulk of the business.

Ozon's new CEO appointed instead of Shulgin, who fell under EU sanctions

At the same time, Ozon will be led by a collegial management body - it includes representatives of top management. They will be responsible for strategic decision-making and operations management, guided by the principles of a collegial approach to company management. The company switched to this form of management after Alexander Shulgin left the post of CEO of Ozon due to personal sanctions against him from the European Union, Australia, Great Britain and Switzerland.

The resignation of Shulgin from the post of CEO of Ozon was announced on April 12, 2022. Then it was reported that Igor Gerasimov, financial director of the company, will replace Shulgin's board of directors as executive director.

By May 2022, Sergey Pankov has been working at Ozon for about three years and until the appointment of CEO headed the direction of commerce Ozon. Prior to that, the company was engaged in Ozon Retail, the development of electronics and Ozon Fresh. Belyakov came to Ozon from the position of chairman of the ACORT Presidium and from 2021 held the position of managing director of the company.[1]