SberNPF: Smart social package

Developers: Sber NPF (formerly Sberbank NPF)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2022/05/12
Branches: Financial services, investments and auditing

2022: Developing a Smart Social Package

SberNPF has developed a corporate HR program for the Russian market - Smart Social Package. This was announced on May 12, 2022 by the Moscow Bank of Sberbank. The program allows the employer to create a special financial reserve for employees, using the tax benefit mechanism.

In the program, the employer can determine the amount of contributions that he plans to contribute monthly or annually to the employee, for example, 5-7% of his salary or more. The company also sets a time limit after which the employee has the right to access his financial reserve. As a rule, such a period averages 5-7 years, which motivates the employee to work in one enterprise for a long time.

Savings under the Smart Social Package are increased annually due to investment income accrued by the SberNPF. At the same time, the invested funds, under the terms of the program, are completely preserved at any level of market profitability. An employee can send funds for various purposes - for example, for the first installment of a mortgage, the construction of a country house, payment for the education of children, treatment of critical diseases or pension payments. Thus, an enterprise can replace expensive and inefficient elements of the existing social package.

Unlike classic corporate programs, Smart Social Package is a simple "box" solution aimed at wider and larger market segments due to the ability to quickly roll out.

{{quote 'author = said Alexander Prokopenkov, Development Director of SberNPF. | We launched the program in pilot mode for small and medium businesses in early 2022. ʺUmnyy sotspaketʺ turned out to be in demand: in three months we received about 50 applications for the program. Basically, applications were submitted by enterprises engaged in the production and sale of pharmaceuticals, medical products, furniture, household chemicals and agricultural products. The program has also become especially relevant for companies operating in small cities, where there is a need to keep employees from moving to megacities. We have decided to scale the capabilities of the program into new segments, including in the framework of large business,}}

"Smart social package" is an urgent decision on staff motivation. Especially in conditions where it is not always possible to raise the salary of an employee or pay a premium. The business of the capital region positively met the new HR program: we have already received applications for the design of the Smart Social Package from medical companies, industrial enterprises, there is interest from the hotel business. We believe that this program has an important social function,
noted Vyacheslav Tsybulnikov, vice president of Sberbank - chairman of the Moscow Bank.