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Forest Information Technology

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LESEGAIS wood accounting

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2021: Creation of a unified system on all forests of the Russian Federation

May 25, 2021 it became known about the creation in Russia of a single system that combines information about all the forests of the country.

To date, this decision has been made, regional bases are being created. Soon there will be federal bases with the help of which any resident of our country could track what is happening in the forest, and whether it is legal. Yes, we have forest inspectors, there is corporate responsibility of forest users, but public control, as practice shows, is also a very significant tool, "said State Duma deputy from the Vologda Oblast, head of the expert council on the timber complex in the State Duma Alexei Kanaev during the first all-Russian youth ecological forum" Ecosystem, "which took place near Cherepovets.

According to him, the new system will allow tracking wood from the place of logging to the end user, which should help in combating the illegal use of forests and improving the transparency of the timber industry as a whole.

In Russia, create a single forest system

Kanaev noted that the identification of black lumberjacks largely depends on the speed of the reaction. Open forest information bases will be reduced from the regional level to the federal level, and everyone will be able to quickly see what is happening, whether space is allocated for a forest area or not, etc.

The deputy emphasized that in the regions information bases on forests have been created and opened, but their quality is significantly different in different constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

We decided, given the heterogeneity of the approach of the regions to the discovery of information, to transparency, to raise this base to the federal level. So that throughout the country the standard of accessibility, openness and clarity is uniform for everyone, "added Alexei Kanaev.

At the beginning of 2021, an experiment on the traceability of wood turnover using the Lesegais electronic system was launched in several regions of Russia.[1]