ALOEsmart introduces competitor price monitoring system

Customers: ALOEsmart

Tyumen; Trade

Contractors: Napoleon IT
Product: Napoleon IT PowerPrice

Project date: 2021/10  - 2022/04

2022: Implementation of intelligent competitor price monitoring system

ALOEsmart has chosen Napoleon IT as a strategic partner in implementing an intelligent price monitoring system for PowerPrice competitors. The next step is to connect the pricing management system. This was announced by Napoleon IT on May 12, 2022.

The goal of optimization is to accelerate the process of collecting information, thanks to which the company will timely learn about prices in the market and adjust them depending on changes in the price policy of competitors. This solution allows you to increase the speed of price responses to market changes, increase the volume of competitors' data received and reduce the costs of the monitoring process.

The competitor price monitoring system successfully passed industrial operation with the emerging collection mode information through mobile application using. computer vision Also executed integration ERP with the customer system.

The technologies introduced have increased the employee's productivity several times: the number of received data on goods has increased on average from 60 to 300 pieces in 2 hours. Internal data verification algorithms reduced the number of erroneous positions in monitoring that were previously allowed during manual collection, which positively affected the quality of work.

After the completion of this phase, the companies plan to implement a retail pricing management project based on an intelligent PowerPrice system to fine-tune the pricing strategy in order to provide better prices to their customers and increase the company's gross income by increasing volumes.