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Climate in Spain



2019: Risk of desertification of regions. Card

Data for May, 2019.
Data for May, 2019.

2015 became the hottest in Spain

The Spanish meteorological agency AEMET called 2015 the hottest for all history of observations. Before[1] was considered as the hottest[1].

The representative of the agency Antonio Mestre told that December, 2015 was "extremely warm". Average temperature of air by 2 degrees exceeded regulation.

As for annual average temperature, in the 2015th in the territory of Spain it was 16 degrees – honor one degree above regulation. 'It is about the warmest year in a historical series', - Mestre told Europa Press news agency.

The peak of a heat fell on July 6 and 7. These days in some regions of Spain stems of thermometers showed 45 degrees. Most abnormal heat was suffered by residents of Cordoba and Zaragoza.