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KYOCERA: hard and soft for digital transformation

KYOCERA Document Solutions represents a broad spectrum of the hardware and software solutions allowing clients of the company to make digital transformation of document flow regardless of the sizes of offices and the number of branches.


The KYOCERA Document Solutions company constantly expands a range of the products which provide optimization of document flow in the companies. It, certainly, corresponds to customers needs with high quality requirements of printing, to scanning and document flow.

Within the uniform concept

KYOCERA created the concept of Managed Document Services (further MDS) within which the customer company can solve problems of any level – from administration and management of the park of the printing equipment before optimization of document flow and digital transformation. Digital transformation will demand creation for the customer of the individual workflow system. In it the printing and scanning devices of KYOCERA and also the corporate software products capable to work will be used as it is independent, and in integration with infrastructure of the customer and with the corporate applications ensuring a daily company performance.

Digital transformation and document flow

"Digital transformation", namely use of IT technologies, it is capable to change efficiency of primary activity of the company considerably. Document flow optimization often leads also to optimization of internal production processes. Respectively, it positively affects financial performance of all activity of the company. Digitization of documents and the subsequent management of them require manual work. It always takes a lot of working time of employees. A huge number of documents gets to any organization only on paper: accounts, consignment notes, transport sheets, checks, questionnaires. The system managing the decentralized processes of scanning in all organization is necessary for most of customers. Also very modern automated recognition of information from the scanned documents and the direction of data retrieveds to authorized employees in departments and to single automated systems of level of all enterprise.

For functioning of such system hardware devices and software products from which it is possible to create unique complete solutions, an optimal image corresponding to needs of the customer are required. KYOCERA company and partners of producer surely carry out expertize. To the software products KYOCERA Net Manager, KYOCERA Cloud Direct, KYOroute Server, the company the near future will add the new tool — KYOCERA Capture Manager (KCM).

Main opportunities and advantages of KSM

KYOCERA Capture Manager is capable to simplify considerably processing of the electronic documents received during scanning. This tool simplifies one most labor-consuming work types of an office personnel, allowing to execute conversion of unstructured data to structured.

KYOCERA Capture Manager, working with the standardized document forms, can isolate the necessary fragments, recognize information which is contained in them and structure it by in advance described rules. Further the structured information will be redirected to authorized employees and exported to business applications of the company – from accounting to systems to ERP solutions. Reduction of manual work allows the company, saving working time of employees, to reduce costs for document flow and for the related processes.

KYOCERA Capture Manager is created on the basis of the integral concept of Managed Document Services which is based on requirements analysis of the modern companies in document flow.

Advantages of KYOCERA Capture Manager are: flexible and easy configuration (an opportunity for work with different types of paper documents), simplicity of integration into the equipment and with other software solutions created by KYOCERA Document Solutions for optimization of different aspects of work with documents. And also, minimization of the conflicts with infrastructure when adding new devices, changes of settings or drivers and ample opportunities of integration with corporate information systems – mail, accounting, EPR and others.

Administration optimization

For simplification of a task of management of the park of the printers and multi-function printers working as a part of infrastructure of the company, KYOCERA created Net Manager. This solution allows to simplify considerably work of system administrators and normal office users, to provide control over printing processes and required level of corporate security in receiving, distribution and data storage.

For system administrators — KYOCERA Net Manager is convenient the amplest opportunities of flexible configuration of printing devices, scanners and MFP, distribution of access rights of users to the relevant decisions in the company. It is important that KYOCERA Net Manager provides the high level of security during the daily work with documents. Authorization and identification of users allows to define and implement different scripts of secure access for information and also opens new opportunities for control. Application of opportunities of KYOCERA Net Manager allows to trace who and what documents scans, sends to printing and also to analyze expenses on paper and a toner, to differentiate powers of the working groups or individual employees, to consider the number of the work with documents done by each employee.

KYOCERA Net Manager works in a close sheaf with other solutions of the company providing settings of interfaces on printers and the MFP. In particular, thanks to obligatory identification, the user receives the personalized PanelPlus interface which can be optimum configured under the employee's tasks on the device screen. It provides access to data, necessary for work: to contacts, templates and options "by default". KYOCERA Net Manager supports work with mobile devices of the employees both who are in office, and performing tasks beyond its limits.

KYOCERA Net Manager literally "in one click" allows to scan the document which electronic image saves in PDF and XML and also can transfer him for further processing in KYOCERA Capture Manager.

Accounting and control for digital transformation

The complete transparency of processes of document flow which is provided by applications of a system allows to keep detailed account of actions of the users working in the company. This circumstance turns solutions of KYOCERA into the fine instrument of job analysis of all office. Based on data retrieveds it is easy to optimize the employee occupation modes, effectively solving a problem of economy of means and time and also to synchronize work of different groups, departments and branches of the company.

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