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Multi-function printer (MFP)

The multi-function printer (MFP) — the device integrating in itself the photocopier, the printer and the scanner. Sometimes add the fax, the modem and phone to these functions. The directory of the Office equipment is available on TAdviser.



Distinguish the MFP:

  • by the principles of printing: jet, laser.
  • on a chromaticity: color, black-and-white, color scanning — black-and-white printing.

Advantages of multi-function printers

  • Economy of office or house space.
  • Price. The MFP the printer-copier-scanner-fax costs much cheaper, than all these devices purchased separately.
  • An opportunity to do all range of office works on one universal network device.
  • Convenience of service.
  • The smaller cost of the copy — for example, the cost of the copy of the fax made using the MFP the copier-printer-fax is much lower, than the cost of the copy made using the special fax machine.
  • Possibility of double-sided printing or copying (in some models).

The largest producers

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