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2019/05/13 13:07:18

Vladimir Egorov, "Dolgoprudny research center": A turbo of ERP — an alternative in the solution of difficult business challenges

Vladimir Egorov, the CEO of "The Dolgoprudny research center", ― about calculations in RAM, new user experience and why to the user the choice when and so everything is.

Egorov Vladimir

What does the most important need to be known about the Turbo? What is the Turbo?

Vladimir Egorov: The turbo is rather known brand in the market of information systems in category of accounting and resource management of the enterprises. Under this brand software products of "the Dolgoprudny Research Center" are developed. We have 30 years of experience of development of business applications, 5000 implementations and 60 partners in the whole country.

At the end of 2017 we were a part consulting of group "Consist Business Group", restartovat business and now we bring to the market the solution ― Turbo of ERP. We promise, with us it will be interesting.

Why to the market one more ERP?

Vladimir Egorov: Emergence in the market of other, alternative product or service in any category ― is huge plus both for the market, and for the consumer. Technical progress happens exactly thanks to appearance of new players. Sense and the purpose of new business ― to offer the consumer other level of service, to give the choice, to open new opportunities. We have all necessary competences of the selected category, will to creation, development and promotion of a product, we completely realized the audience and were focused on relevant requirements of the market.

What do you differ from others in?

Vladimir Egorov: The choice of business applications moved from category of functional and technology comparisons now to overall assessment of risks and advantages which the customer can receive from vendor or integrator. Here much stronger degree of security of investments, understanding of influences whether the product will develop in the direction necessary for business of the customer, whether wishes of the customer will be heard by vendor.

The turbo differs in flexibility, mobility and low cost of ownership. It is rather simple to implement and service a system. Experience of one of our customers — distributor of national scale which performs support of process of operational management on the Turbo by forces of only two specialists demonstrates to it.

Actually we present an alternative in the solution of the most different business challenges, including very difficult.

What do technology features of a system consist in?

Vladimir Egorov: In modern business the quantity of sources of information significantly increases ― all employees can be connected to a system from mobile devices, devices can send something to a system ― the number of transactions grows. To make the decision, all these data need to be overworked, and their processing requires big calculations. The applied architecture of the Turbo actively involves calculations in RAM. Analytical accounting, transaction processing, formation of postings and calculation of balances of the Turbo are constructed on a combination of OLTP and OLAP technologies that allows to accelerate processing of Big Data significantly.

What do you offer the user in terms of a usability?

Vladimir Egorov: One of the major things in work with an information system is the convenience of use. Statistics says that about a half of time in information systems is spent unproductively — just on search and extraction of the necessary data. It is possible to change it simple increase in ergonomics. It has to be convenient to the user and simply therefore the interface of the Turbo of ERP is developed together with the best European experts in the field of the user experience.

The interface of the Turbo contains a stack of windows which allows to solve at the same time large number of problems, to start several processes at the same time, to be on each process at a different stage and at the same time it is easy to be guided in all this variety. The turbo allows to move on a navigation chain within process to its any stage, returning if necessary to an initial context of a task.

What else solutions are included into a new line of the Turbo?

Vladimir Egorov: Our new line includes three products — the flagman solution of the Turbo of ERP, the platform of development of the Turbo of X and the solution for small business of the Turbo Business. We work at the market thirty years and we always trace a business response to our product offers.

Part of our clients and partners needs the platform on which it is possible to project own solutions including replicated. Some of these solutions occupy a significant market share and successfully compete even with developments of world leaders.

The boxed functionality and solutions of basic tasks of resource management are demanded always therefore we created our flagship product of the Turbo of ERP. The solution of the Turbo Business — simplified and essential option of the Turbo of ERP, more available to small business, with some restrictions on the number of users.

Solutions of the Turbo are easily scaled, they have a low total cost of ownership, and they are available to any categories of users.

In what direction will the new line of the Turbo develop?

Vladimir Egorov: We actively move to the so-called third platform ― to everything that is connected with mobile calculations, Internet of Things, the voice systems, virtual reality, any sort smart devices which undertake a part of computing loadings and a part of solutions on diagnostics and processing of situations.

Of course, we cannot pass by clouds — a key trend not only for end consumers, but also for business. It is obvious that clouds will become a part of the cumulative IT infrastructure used by business. Here the cloud, how many a consumption pattern of IT as services — the user experience, unique services, support of the necessary business model is important not so much. It is what we aim at and that we will actively address to users in our future releases.

In the near-term outlook we plan expansion of the current line at the expense of new business solutions.

What stimulates a command of the Turbo to move forward?

Vladimir Egorov: Be a developer of the drawing software product to business — it is very interesting. We deal, on the one hand, with the arising new technologies for which five years ago nobody waited and which become a mainstream today, and, on the other hand, with new business models at clients who it is necessary to support and realize in the products.

We thirty years in business, and at us are the excellent command integrated by the uniform purposes. At people eyes burn, and they with huge interest perceive all new. These are engineers of the highest category who even spend leisure-time in writing of compilers in perspective modern languages like Go. Long ago became a turbo a part of our life, and we with pride say that we are Turbo.

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