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3Par is a supplier of platforms of data storage for data centers. In September, 2010 it is purchased by HP company.




3Par is a supplier of the platform of data storage for data centers of 3PAR Utility Storage which offers an opportunity of reduction of total cost of ownership to 50% of the current value. Thanks to a possibility of simple accumulation of capacity of the platform when it is necessary, it is an optimal solution for cloud infrastructures.

The platform is based on the 3PAR InServ servers equipped with a number of corporate technologies for providing high coefficient of availability and broad capacity. Servers work running own operating system 3Par including software of 3PAR InFor Management Console for management of DWH "entirely from one window".

In addition, the vendor offers a number of the accompanying software products.


  • On August 16, 2010 announced Dell agreement signature on purchase 3Par for $1.15 billion. The company offered $18 for each ordinary share 3Par that is 87% higher than the cost of securities as of the moment of closing of the exchange on August 13.

  • Last time offered Dell $32 for each stock 3Par. On September 2, the company announced that it does not intend to raise more rate.

  • On September 3, 2010 Hewlett-Packard announced on the website signing of the final agreement about purchase 3Par, for $2.35 billion or $33 for each action in cash. The transaction got approval of Boards of Directors of both parties. 3Par cancelled earlier signed agreement with Dell which made the proposal on purchase of the first. According to one of clauses of the contract, 3Par paid Dell a penalty in the amount of $72 million for failure from the transaction.

HP is going to close the transaction at the end of 2010 after obtaining permissions from regulating authorities and accomplishment of other standard procedures. Other companies can submit the proposal on acquisition 3Par till September 24 inclusive.