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Billing solution online


Qiwi group


2020: Creation of the company

On March 2, 2020 announced Qiwi creation of Billing Solution Online company within which services for the market of housing and communal services (housing and public utilities) will develop.

The new firm with the capital of 10 million rubles is founded in Yekaterinburg in September, 2019, but she became known only several months later. Among the specified types of activity consulting and works in the field of computer technologies, the activity connected with use of ADP equipment and information technologies are specified.

The Head of Department of development electronic and online services of Qiwi Denis Gribkov is appointed the CEO of Billing Solution Online company.

The Qiwi is going to create at the municipal level the organization for acceptance and management of housing and public utilities payments, accounting of utility resources, housing services, maintaining base of personal accounts and creation of the automated services. The company will cooperate with the housing and public utilities organizations.

The Qiwi is going to start uniform service with a possibility of online payment of housing and communal services and sendings requests to management companies for rendering additional services.

For development of services in the field of housing and public utilities of Qiwi purchased a program code of the Russian company "Billing Online" and the Open City system created by the Fix group and also translated to itself a part of specialists. Financial components of these agreements do not reveal.

According to Denis Gribkov, the new project of Qiwi is directed to creation of the convenient, transparent environment for users of housing and communal services.[1]

Qiwi services develop according to the slogan 'More and More Simply', and we are going to adhere to this strategy during the work with the market which always was difficult and opaque to the majority. We will be engaged in creation of products for business which will solve needs of people, and we see high potential for development here. Globally we set before ourselves the purpose – to bring the relations of residents and professional participants of the market of housing and public utilities to qualitatively new level corresponding to the most relevant requests of the market — he noted.