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Krawlly is developer company of the software. Is engaged in creation of technology of aggregation of balances (account aggregation).

The product of the company helps users to see and control:

  • bank account balances,
  • credit and deposit banking products,
  • investment products,
  • remaining balance in e-wallets,
  • points of programs of loyalty,
  • remaining balance on balance of mobile operators, Internet service providers,
  • taxes,
  • penalties,
  • accounts for housing and public utilities.

And all in the single interface. The user can aggregate the data and also data of any other users (the husband, the wife, children, parents, friends) to which he makes periodical payment and which balances are necessary to him for control.

On the basis of technology of aggregation of balances the Krawlly company delivers solutions for banks, e-wallets, PFM, CRM systems for cross-sellings, IFI, insurance companies and a telecom of operators. The company actively develops own B2C-direction, owning the AnyBalance and All Balance applications.



iBank as a part of founders

On October 19, 2015 it became known of investments of interactive bank iBank into Krawlly company which allowed it to be a part of founders[1].

Andrey Bukhtiyarov, the chairman of the board of iBank bank, during the presentation of the development strategy of bank said: "The companies which aggregate big flows of financial data thanks to which we can offer our clients the advanced banking products and services are interesting to us".

Partnership with Krawlly will help iBank to offer clients an opportunity to aggregate balances on all the accounts and to get access to them using any channel of remote banking. Clients will be able to export all the accounts from any other banks to the updated iBank interface and to control the data from it.

Service of aggregation of balances will be free of charge available to any user who set iBank mobile bank. To use it, it is not obligatory to become the client of bank. "Balances" will also become a part of a B2B-box of iBank which will be offered other financial institutions as an alternative of remote banking. Besides, partnership provides participation of Krawlly in work of a financial technical-accelerator of iBank and creation of Exchange of profiles which will allow banks to do relevant offers to users of services of aggregation of balances.

QIWI Venture partner of Krawlly

On May 15, 2015 it became known of replenishment of an investment portfolio of department of the QIWI Group the Krawlly project and start of a joint pilot project. In plans of QIWI Venture strategic partnership with the project for expansion of the existing functionality[2].

The QIWI and "Krawlly" started a pilot project within which payment via Visa QIWI Wallet is embedded in mobile application of AnyBalance (the application in Google Play). The application will timely remind the user of need to refill balance of this or that provider, for example the account for the Internet not to be left accidentally without communication with "the virtual world". A system will also autocomplete all details of payment and it will be necessary only to select the amount and to confirm payment.

Within the pilot hypotheses of demand of new service at users, about increase in transaction turnover of QIWI and involvement of new users will be tested. The pilot will last only a month – to the middle of June. Cooperation with the Krawlly project completely answers the new investment policy of QIWI Universe 2.0.

Alexander Neymark, the founder of the Krawlly project noted: "When we began to look for external financing, we for ourselves decided at once that we want to see in the project not just the investor, and the strategic partner with whom we can have a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We found such partner on behalf of QIWI Venture. A key product of QIWI - Visa QIWI Wallet - one of the most convenient and advanced in the market. For us and our clients use of all technological capabilities of products of QIWI and introduction in there our technologies is represented an ideal case. On a joint the quite good synergy effect can be gained".