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The QIWI Venture direction was formed in January, 2013.

For 2013 with a particular interest in fund solutions are considered:

  • from financial and Internet sectors,
  • the projects connected with CBM (customer base management)
  • advertizing market,
  • mobile-and e-commerce and also
  • aggregators of services and goods.

For August, 2013 QIWI Venture defined the maximum threshold of investments into one project to 1 million dollars. In addition to the financial investments, all necessary resources will be provided to authors for harmonious development and promotion of their startup.

Project portfolio

Till August, 2013 for consideration more than 200 projects from which for investment the projects at an early stage answering to the main criteria of fund were selected came to the company:

  • orientation of e-commerce,
  • virality and
  • convenience of using.

Karbey service ( - one of the first projects in a portfolio of QIWI Venture (August, 2013).