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Europlan (bank)



B&N Bank


JSC Evroplan Bank stopped activity in March, 2017.


2017: Termination of activity of JSC Evroplan Bank

In March, 2017 the Evroplan bank stopped the activity in communication by reorganization in the form of accession of JSC Capital B&N Bank (byvsh. JSC Evroplan Bank) to PJSC B&N Bank.

Record about registration of credit institution is cancelled according to document No. 2177700101764 of 3/24/2017.


As of 2015, the bank Evroplana direction is a complex of modern financial services which are easy for receiving and which are profitable for using: car loans, deposits and bank cards.

2013: Owners

For 2013 the bank is completely under control of the Evroplan leasing company.

2011: The bank passes under control of Evroplan bank

In May, 2011 the credit institution was renamed into "East Mortgage Bank". The idea of accession of bank to East Express was discussed.

In July, 2011 the Europlan leasing company bought up former Spanish "subsidiary". Later the bank received the new name — Ltd CB Evroplan.

2010: Santander sells bank in Russia to East Express bank

In December, 2010 the largest Bank of Spain announced sale of Russian "subsidiary". East Express bank which co-owner is the famous banker Igor Kim Santander Konsyyumer Banka acquired 100% of shares.

2006: Santander buys Ekstrobank

In November, 2006 it was announced purchase of credit institution by the Spanish Banco Santander which representatives joined the Board of Ekstrobank.

In April, 2007 the transaction on sale of the Russian bank of Santander Consumer Finance company estimated at 40 million euros (coefficient 2.9 — 3 to the capital), was complete. In the same time for a position of the chairman of the board of bank the former head of directorate of retail business of Raiffeisenbank Alexander Koloshenko was appointed.

In November, 2007 Ekstrobank increased authorized capital to 515 million rubles, and in March, 2008 received the new name — Santander Konsyyumer Bank Ltd.

In May, 2009 Alexander Krupchenko who was earlier holding a position of the first deputy chairman of the board and chief director Santander Konsyyumer Banka in Russia became the chairman of the board.

1994: Creation of Ekstrobank bank

The bank is created in Moscow under the name of "Joint Stock Bank of Assistance of Ecology and to Construction (Ekstrobank)" in 1994. Shareholders till 2007:

  • Kommuninzhstroy LLC
  • Faynens Enelayz LLC,
  • Finkommerts LLC,
  • International public fund of support of the ecological Source programs,
  • PSF Sargi Centre.

In the second half of 2004 Ekstrobank began to develop actively the retail direction, in particular car loans, and already according to the results of the first half of the year of the 2005th entered TOP-50 of leaders of consumer crediting. Efforts on development of "retail" did not remain unnoticed — interest in purchase of bank showed the Latvian Parex Banka, however the transaction did not take place.