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Grupo Meridian


Information technologies
Since 1999
28290, C/ Chile 4, Edificio 1, Oficina 4


Grupo Meridian is the Spanish ICT company providing services of IT consulting and outsourcing, providing Information Security and software development.

Grupo Meridian was founded in 1999 in Madrid and works at the Spanish and European markets. The company provides solutions for management of cloud services, the software for document flow and a full range of IT services. Among customers of Grupo Meridian there are both large international corporations, and small and medium business. Everything, as of July, 2018, clients of Grupo Meridian were over 1.7 thousand companies.

2018: Grupo Meridian is purchased by Konica Minolta company

On July 16, 2018 Konica Minolta Business Solutions announced acquisition of the Spanish ICT company Grupo Meridian. Thanks to this purchase of Konica Minolta expects to strengthen the positions of the supplier of a full range of IT services in the Spanish market and beyond its limits.

Konica Minolta purchased the Spanish IT service provider of Grupo Meridian
Konica Minolta purchased the Spanish IT service provider of Grupo Meridian

According to Vasco Falcao, the CEO of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Spain, Grupo Meridian and Konica Minolta is integrated by common goals as they aim to help clients to take the next step on the way to creation of digital jobs.

Grupo Meridian and its solutions will perfectly add a range of the services offered by us, especially regarding creation of products for a future workplace, - Falcao noted.

Within merge, Grupo Meridian became branch Konica Minolta Business Solutions Spain, S.A.

At the beginning of July, 2018 Konica Minolta announced purchase of the Belgian provider of IT services Aurelium together with whom it is going to present at the Belgian market the concept of Workplace Hub — the single centralized platform for management of IT infrastructure of the enterprise.