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2020: Creation of the company

In March, 2020 the Kylin Software state company which was engaged in development of operating systems knew of creation in China. The competitor of Microsoft is created as a result of merge of the Chinese software developers China Standard Software and Tianjin Kylin Information.

It is supposed that Kylin Software will create platforms both for personal computers, and for servers. Besides, development of cloud OS and operating system for the built-in equipment is planned. According to plans of the company, competitive products will be created in 3-5 years.

It became known of creation in China to Kylin Software state company which was engaged in development of operating systems

The academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences in Beijing (Chinese Academy of Engineering in Beijing) Guangnan (Ni Guangnan), speaking at a ceremony Kylin Software opening, called for acceleration of works in it and other directions of high technologies, for a gap with foreign products.

In spite of the fact that in China there is a number of the leading world Internet firms, the state enterprises should play more important role in achievement of key technology breaks as they need permanent investments — the director of the Nanking institute of economy and the chief economist of the Chinese institute of strategies of development for artificial intelligence of new generation Liu Gang said.

According to him, "the industry of operating systems in China entered a new era and can throw down a challenge to the dominating positions of foreign players in China" within the next five years. Liu Gang also added that in the conditions of restriction of use of technologies in the USA for China good opportunities for creation of own operating systems open.

By estimates of analysts to whom Global Times refers by March, 2020 more than 90% of the Chinese market of OS are the share of Windows, Android and iOS.[1]