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Revenue and profit of the company, Thousand rub

2017144 270 0006 759 000
19000 employees in 2015



+ MUEC Moscow United Energy Company

The "Moscow United Energy Company" ("MUEC") open joint stock company is created for consolidation of power assets of the city of Moscow and implementation of power policy of the Government of Moscow, in particular, of the Agreement on interaction when reforming an electrical power complex of the city of Moscow between JSC RAO UES of Russia, the Government of Moscow, JSC Mosenergo and REK of the city of Moscow.

The main objective of the company — high-quality and reliable providing Moscow with heating and hot water supply. The field of activity of the company includes production, distribution and sale of thermal energy. Daily more than 70% of the population of the capital and also hundreds of the enterprises and organizations use services of MUEC. In total the company services over 45 thousand buildings. In the company over 19.5 thousand employees who service 9,446 central and individual thermal points, 70 district and quarter thermal stations and 10,766 kilometers of heating systems work.

For August, 2019, PJSC MOEK is an operator of the most extended heat power system in the world: in operation of the company there are over 16,440.1 km of thermal networks, including about 8,066.6 km of trunk and 8,373.5 km — parting. Also the company operates over 10 thousand thermal points. PJSC MOEK operates 143 power sources with a set thermal power of 4.82 thousand Gcal/hour.

2018: The Board of Directors of PJSC MOEK approved an investment program

The Board of Directors of PJSC MOEK approved an investment program of Society for 2018 regarding the expenses which are not connected with connection of new consumers in the amount of 12.9 billion rubles and key parameters of an investment program of PJSC MOEK for 2019-2020. The investment program of "MUEC" for the next three years without the expense accounting on connection of new consumers makes 34.4 billion rubles. Its main objective — reliability augmentation, security and cost efficiency of heat supply of consumers in Moscow.

In particular, the program provides development and upgrade of power objects, optimization of the existing system of heat supply, decrease in level of wear of engineering networks. At the same time projects on increase in efficiency and reliability of a system of heat supply of Moscow using modern technologies will be implemented. Complex reconstruction of the pumping pumping-over Perovskaya, Maryinskaya and Biryulevo-Borisovskaya stations will be executed.

Together with PJSC Mosenergo the program for switching of loadings of inefficient sources of thermal energy at combined heat and power plant within which by 2020 it is going to execute actions on 8 objects will proceed.

The investment program of PJSC MOEK for 2018-2020 also includes the large projects executed together with the Government of Moscow. In particular, around construction of the Kozhukhovsky line of the subway the carrying out of a heating main will be executed of a building zone. In 2018-2020 "MUEC" will also carry out works on liquidation of a so-called bypass (pipelines in elevated laying) with a total length of 10.7 kilometers that the appearance of the city will bring into accord with modern requirements.

Also the solution of Board of Directors approves the Program of technology accessions for 2018-2020 in the amount of 29.5 billion rubles. It is aimed at the development of a system of heat supply of the city and providing heat supply of again connected consumers. Among the projects included in the Program including initiated by the Government of Moscow — sports constructions, residential complexes in the Area of Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo, in Zelenograd, on Dmitrovskoye Highway, Leningradsky Avenue and some other.

2017: The profit of PJSC MOEK at the end of 2017 according to IFRS grew by 35.8%

  • Revenue of Society for 2017 made 144 billion 270 million rubles, having shown growth in comparison with a similar indicator of 2016 for 6.5%.
  • Operating expenses in reporting period increased by 6.5% to 136 billion 253 million rubles that is generally connected with growth of variable expenses from 85 billion 582 million rubles to 91 billion 96 million rubles for 6.4%.
  • The indicator of EBITDA grew at the end of 2017 by 6.3% and made 21 billion 979 million rubles.
  • The profit of PJSC MOEK according to IFRS for 2017 was 6 billion 759 million rubles that above a similar indicator for 2016 for 35.8%.