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Moscow Scientific Isledovatelsky Television Institute (MSITI)




The MNITI private company is a universal successor of the Moscow research television institute - one of the enterprises of the television industry in Russia specializing in development and creation of a television technique. The MNITI is created in 1950 for the purpose of the solution of one of the major state problems – development of domestic television at the level of the international standards. The MNITI is parent organization of Russia in the field of a receiving television technique. MNITI Ltd is the scientific organization of Minpromtorg of Russia in the field of digital television.

MNITI Ltd is engaged in the solution of difficult scientific and technical tasks of the most important directions of a television technique, including:

  • creation of the systems of high and ultrahigh resolution;
  • acceptance, distribution, storage, processing and display of television information;
  • development of a home television technique;
  • development and implementation of digital television.

Profile of the enterprise

The institute executes many decades Research and Development for the benefit of formation and development of domestic television. A MNITI - the active participant of implementation of digital television in Russia that in many respects defines the strategy of its development.

Backbone link of strategy of institute is continuous improvement of products and quality of production. Actively the international relations with foreign partners develop.

According to the FTP "Development of TV and radio broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2015", approved as the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 3, 2009, No. 985, nearly 100% of the population which are constantly living in the territory of Russia by 2015 will be provided with multichannel digital TV and radio broadcasting. With respect thereto the role of MNITI Ltd as leading research organization for digital television and developer of television receiving devices repeatedly increases.