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RVC investment fund and Mizuho





2019: The first information on start of fund

On September 5, 2019 it became known that "Russian Venture Capital Company" (RVCC) will start investment fund for development of medical technologies. As the partner in this project the Japanese Mizuho group will act.

We with the broadest and active participation of the Ministry of Economic Development held negotiations with Mizuho corporation, confirmed our plans for creation of joint fund — TASS the CEO of RVC Alexander Povalko on fields of East economic forum 2019 reported.

RVC will start investment fund for development of medical technologies
RVC will start investment fund for development of medical technologies

According to him, by the beginning of September, 2019 RVC looks for partner investors for new fund. RVC and Mizuho are going to own no more than 25-30% of fund which will be started in 2020, Povalko added.

He also emphasized that the Russian-Japanese fund will be engaged in development of hi-tech medical projects. Among other RVC and Mizuho are interested in solutions for digital clinic — the centralized control system of processes in hospital.

However, partners are interested also other modern medical developments. The volume of future fund partners does not reveal. Most likely, it will depend on the number of the attracted investors.

The interest of RVC and Mizuho in a medtekh is not accidental. Medical startups become one of the leading industries of the venture industry in Russia. Only in 2016 the medical technical-companies attracted about $4 billion investments. Experts expect an annual gain of the market for 13% till 2020.

The splash in a medtekh is connected with the technology achievements and opportunities focused on the consumer as the new generation of innovations in the market pays more attention to quick access to medical care worldwide. High-tech devices and services and also online platforms for telemedicine and modern developments on a joint of medicine and a biotekh belong to a medtekh.[1]