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At the enterprises of the Company a number of large projects is implemented: construction of a technology complex of indurating machine No. 3 on Mikhaylovsk GOKE, the sixth coke battery on Ural Steel, TsGBZh-3 on Lebedinsky GOKE and also airdividing installation on OEMK. The total cost of these projects – more than 45 billion rubles. All of them are aimed at increase in production, first of all – products with high value added. For example, completion of construction of indurating machine No. 3 on Mikhaylovsk of GOKE will lead to 50 percent growth (from 10 to 15 million tons per year) productions of advanced processing at plant.

Commissioning of TsGBZh-3 which is planned for 2016 will allow to increase quantity of GBZh and PVZh made by group METALLOINVEST from present 5.2 up to 7 million tons per year (and taking into account upgrade of TsGBZh-2 – to 7.2 million tons). From the beginning of operation of the coke battery on Ural Steel which construction is already completed the production volume of coke will grow by 690 thousand tons.