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Semantik Hab — service which uses possibilities of the artificial intelligence (AI), for identification of potential of candidates for medicines. Service collects up to one million documents on the necessary subject (scientific articles, descriptions of clinical trials, patents, press releases and so forth), carries out their deep semantic analysis, compares results from different sources and creates the report for the pharmaceutical company where the most objective assessment of potential of "candidates for medicines" taking into account all risk factors and competitive advantages is reflected.

Semantik Hab accelerates assessment of advanced developments and reduces risk of a failure of medicine because of the admission of important information up to 30%.

2017: Investments into 24 million rubles

On August 17, 2017 the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) was announced investment into a startup by Semantik Hab. The volume of investments was 24 million rubles. In addition to IIDF, businessmen Valentin Doronichev and Vladimir Preobrazhensky took part in the transaction.

The raised funds in a startup are going to be allocated for marketing and sales in Russia and abroad and also on research and development. The company works on the fact that service could adapt under requirements of customers with the minimum time and monetary expenditure.

The IIDF invested in Semantik Hab — the Russian AI startup on creation of medicines
The IIDF invested in Semantik Hab — the Russian AI startup on creation of medicines

According to the head of Semantik Hab company Irina Efimenko, service is ready to scaling in the world markets, first of all on European and Chinese.

Access to examination of the international companies Semantik Hab will allow to adapt software modules for problems of any complexity. In this case it is possible to speak about an absolute market leadership of semantic analysis for the pharmaceutical companies — she noted.

According to IIDF, expenses on R&D in pharmaceutics and biotechnologies are the biggest among other markets. Investment volume in this area reached $157 billion at the end of 2016. By August, 2017 in the industry about 7.3 thousand biotekh-and pharmaceutical companies and also about 300 venture funds work.