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Start Telecom


Start Telecom - one of the Russian companies working at the market of telecommunications - was founded in 2004. Today Start Telecom is the federal telecom operator proposing to the clients modern and effective complete solutions in the field of telecommunications.

Multiregional Transit Telecom (MTT)


Revenue and profit of the company

2007878 800---
20081 786 600---


In 6 years of work of Start Telecom consistently expanded structure of a backbone network of data transmission and local access networks and in 2008 entered in top-30 telecommunication companies of Russia. For the beginning of 2014 at Start Telecom there were 20.5 thousand subscribers of cable TV and 40 thousand subscribers of broadband access. By the end of the year the operator is going to increase these digits to 40 and 70 thousand households, respectively.

Performance Indicators


Income of Start Telecom in 2008 was 1,786,6 million rubles that is 2.1 times more than in 2007 (878.8 million rubles).

Range of services

Start Telecom provides services of ip-transit, lease of communication channels, Internet access, including BShD, creation of virtual private networks. And also services of accession and traffic transmission between PD networks, wire and wireless telephony.

At the disposal of the company – trunk and local communication networks. Start Telecom possesses own trunk fiber-optical communication network built using the most modern technologies and the covering considerable part of the territory of Russia that allows to implement large-scale telecommunication projects for various sectors of the economy. Extent of a backbone fiber-optical network of the company is 16 thousand km., has more than 200 nodes of access, and its capacity reaches 100 GB / with with a possibility of expansion to 400 GB / page.


2014: Start Telecom will refuse trunk business for benefit of TV and broadband access

The MTT Group company intends to concentrate business of 'daughter', JSC Start Telecom, around provision of services of broadband access and cable television — writes ComNews with reference to the director of corporate communications of MTT Group LLC Anna Boyko about it.

'In 2013 we said that the strategy of MTT Group provides focusing in the fast-growing markets and formation on the disruptive directions of a long-term product portfolio which begins to bring everything the increasing share in group revenue. In particular, it is the IP telephony for individuals, small and medium business, the international exchange of exchange of traffic of VoIP, MVNO, service broadband access and cable television, intellectual communication services, cloud services for telecommunication operators. Those directions of business which do not answer these purpose will be reorganized or sold', - Anna told the edition.

Due to new strategy MTT Group decided that Start Telecom will concentrate on provision of services of broadband access and cable TV and at the same time will refuse trunk business and infrastructure. At the moment the buyer for these assets Start Telecom is already found, by hearsay MegaFon acts as it, however, this information is not officially confirmed.