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The TechnoNIKOL corporation formed in 1993 is one of the European producers and suppliers gidro-, warm and sound insulation and represents a wide range of products for construction: rolled roofing materials, polymeric membranes for a flat roof, heat-insulating materials, a composite and bituminous tile, roofing material.


2019: TechnoNIKOL will invest 65 million euros in construction of the plant in Poland

On October 9, 2019 the TechnoNIKOL corporation announced intention to construct the plant in Poland. Investments of TechnoNIKOL into the project will make about 65 million euros. It will be the first enterprise of the company for production of stone cotton wool in the territory of the European Union. It is supposed that capacity of plant will be 1.3 million cubic meters of finished goods a year. Start of the enterprise is planned for the first half of 2021. The controlling stake will belong to the Russian industrialist Sergey Kolesnikov.

TechnoNIKOL will construct the plant in Poland for 65 million euros

The plant on release of mineral isolation of TechnoNIKOL will be constructed on section of 20 hectares. Here the producing production department, the sector on processing of waste, raw-material storages and finished goods and also all necessary infrastructure, including parkings for cargo and passenger transport will be placed.

As of October 9 there is an active work on design of future enterprise, initial and allowing documentation is made out. Specialists prepare for carrying out tender at choice of the general contractor of construction and equipment suppliers.

TechnoNIKOL considers for cooperation only the companies which proved and checked in work at the Russian plants. These are the producers from Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Russia releasing the equipment conforming to all European requirements to environmental safety of products and the environment.

TechnoNIKOL focuses on 100% employment of local gurus. But to help them the employees having long-term experience at other plants of corporation will study. Further process optimization means horizontal communications and direct communication, transfer of knowledge and the practician between the countries, the plants, employees. Information and competences are not tied to a location. They in a cloud — TechnoNIKOL corporation are also available to all staff of the company.

The product portfolio of the enterprise will include the traditional and demanded by private and professional builders materials intended for heat insulation of constructions of different function. All products will be certified according to the mandatory standards existing in the European Union countries and also to conform to internal requirements of TechnoNIKOL corporation, often more tough, than official standards.

"The delivery shoulder" of products of the plant will make 500-700 km. According to representatives of corporation, the selected location — the southwest of Poland — is the best, in terms of logistics of finished goods (for the European market) and deliveries of raw materials to the plant.


September, 2016


For March, 2011 the TechnoNIKOL corporation is 35 production sites in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, own retail chain stores from 140 departments and representation in 33 countries, 5 own Training Centers on training of participants of the construction market in the innovative technologies and features of use of new materials.