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The 46th Central Research Institute Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation


The institute is head research establishment Russian Defense Ministry in the field of program development planning of arms and military equipment, formation of the state defense order, standardization and cataloguing of VVT.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation



As of December, 2007 the central place in research subject of institute along with questions of program development planning of VVT (including participation in researches on forecasting of a technical appearance of perspective arms) is occupied by problems of cataloguing and standardization and also a research on process automation of planning and management of development of a weapon system.

As customers of research managements of orders and deliveries of VVT, the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces and other governing bodies both the Ministries of Defence, and other ministries and departments of Russia act.

Heads of institute

The lieutenant general Ivan Makarovich Penchukov who had the highest managerials ability, competence and excellent human qualities was the first chief of the 46th Central Research Institute Ministry of Defence within ten years.

Thanks to Ivan Makarovich's energy of 46 central research institutes quickly got stronger and declared itself as about the leading military and scientific organization.

Then directed institute the major general Yu. Nikolaev (to the deepest regret, he very much early died) and the lieutenant general A. Rakhmanov (for 2007 the chairman of expert advice on military sciences of the Highest certifying commission). People are extraordinary, masters of organization and scientists, they made for strengthening of the authority of institute, preserving and enhancement of scientific potential much.

Since 2002 the institute is headed by the major general of Burenkas Vasily Mikhaylovich.

Command of institute

For the end of 2007 at institute 18 doctors and 70 candidates of science, more than 15 professors and about 50 seniors of research associates and associate professors worked; the schools of sciences providing preparation are created specialists of the top skills. Among the staff of institute there are four winners of the state and departmental awards, three scholars of the Grant of the Russian President, owners of grants of the President Russian Federation young Russian scientist. During the period from 2002 to 2007 the staff of institute publishes 500 articles in different scientific publications, more than ten monographs on problems of development of arms and military equipment[1] are published[1].

For the end of 2007 at institute more than 30 doctor's and 130 master's theses were defended, several thousands of research works which over 70% — complex, in many of them the institute was head in the Ministry of Defence are performed.


1977: Creation of institute

On December 19, 1977 Central Research Institute MO branch 27 working for the benefit of managements of the Deputy Minister of Defence of the USSR on arms was reorganized into 46 Central Research Institutes MO. The institute was repeatedly reformed, the tasks assigned to it were specified and complemented.

At the end of 1982 according to the order of the Minister of Defence the institute becomes the parent military and scientific organization on development and justification of the main directions of development of VVT and programs of arms.

In 1983 at institute the interdepartmental scientific coordination council on tactical and technical and economic researches of perspectives of development of VVT is created (existed till 1992). Representatives of the different military research organizations, the General Staff, defense industry, the office of the chief of arms, the head and central offices of the Ministry of Defence, other structures were its part. This collective body, figuratively speaking conducted orchestra of the research organizations of the Ministry of Defence and the industry in the field of justification of perspectives of development of VVT.

The institute was directly involved in scientific justification of all state programs of arms and state defense orders, participated in development of many documents of military and technical policy, closely cooperating with the leading organizations and the enterprises of defense industry complex, the research organizations of the Russian Defense Ministry[1].

1986: KNIR on justification of the AF weapon system of the USSR till 1995

In 1986 46 central research institutes (the head contractor) the first complex research work (CRW) on justification of a weapon system for the solution of the operational and strategic tasks facing AF of the USSR was charged. It covered practically all main problems of researches of trans-species (nadvidovy) character. For carrying out such researches the leading research organizations of types of Armed Forces and also a number of soldiers of universities were attracted.

The received results were the basis for adjustment of the Program of arms for 1986 — 1995 and offers in the draft of the program for 1991 — 2000.

1989: Researches for the Program of arms of the USSR till 2000

In 1989 with setting of one more KNIR the cycle of new scientific research on justification of a weapon system and formation of offers in the Program of arms for 1991 — 2000 began. Its head contractor — 46 central research institutes — attracted up to 4000 research organizations Ministry of Defence to accomplishment of this work and the industry. Also military schools, institutes of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and other organizations participated in it.

1993: The program of arms of Russia till 2005. Protection of a state secret

In 1993 — 1995 the system of researches on the basis of which the draft of the first Russian Program of arms for 1996 — 2005 was developed was conducted. In it were considered also in a certain measure military and technical requirements of other security agencies are coordinated (the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FPS, FAGCI, FSZhV and Ministry of Emergency Situations), budget financing sources are defined. On this basis the program is given the status state.

In 1996 the President of Russia for the first time approved the State Program of Arms (SPA). Further the cycle of researches on justification of state programs of arms on 2001 — 2010 and 2007 — 2015 which were approved by the President of Russia in 2002 and 2006 respectively was carried out.

In difficult years of the liberal reforms by the parent scientific organizations of Russia on protection of the state secret there were 46th Central Research Institute Ministry of Defence (coordination of security agencies) and Research Center FSB of the Russian Federation (coordination of industrial and other structures). The priority of FSB is shown, however, that through military counterintelligence this intelligence agency controls the Russian Defense Ministry[2].

2006: Start of works on the 4th program of arms

Since 2006 the research works directed to formation of the fourth GPV for 2011 — 2020[1] are unrolled].

2009: Basic organization CSTO for planning

On December 21, 2009 it became known that Russia suggests define the 46th Central Research and Development Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry as the basic organization of member countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) for program and target planning of military and technical cooperation in a format of the CSTO[3].

"This offer of Russia is connected with the fact that the 46th central research institute has wide experience of formation of state programs of arms, carrying out researches in the field of the equipment of Russian Armed Forces, standardization and cataloguing of arms and military equipment, in development and military and scientific support of the international programs", - told Interfax-AVN a source in the Russian military and diplomatic circles.

He emphasized that the approval of similar structure especially relevant today when heads of member states of the Organization make the decision on equipment of the created Collective rapid reaction forces of the CSTO by modern and compatible samples of arms and military equipment.

The interlocutor of the agency reminded that creation of the basic organization of member states of the CSTO in the field of a research of problems of the military and technical cooperation (MTC) is provided by the concept of the VTS Program of member states of the Organization approved by the decision of Council of collective security of the CSTO of June 23, 2005.

"The secretariat of the CSTO is informed on a position of the Russian side", - added a source.

As of 2009 the 46th central research institute occupies one of the leading places in the Russian Federation on development of programs of arms. The institute is given the status of head military scientific institution CSTO, also he renders assistance in development of national programs of arms of the CIS countries.

2012: Charges of corruption

On November 27, 2012 it became known that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation conducts investigation about embezzlement of budget funds, selected to the Ministry of Defence (MD) within the state defense order.

As Rosbalt knew, in particular, in case papers there is a speech about the finance intending for creation of the draft of "The state program of arms for 2011-2020" and for formation of a single system of planning of "implementation of military and technical policy of the state". According to the investigators, on this directions had to perform the main part of research works the 46th Central Research Institute Russian Defense Ministry Federal State Institution.

In September, 2009 MO concluded the government contract with institute, financing of works in the amount of 137 million rubles was included in state defense order. However in November, 2009 the list of collaborators of researches was made. According to AFU, with the consent of the chief of Head department of arms of Russian Armed Forces Oleg Frolov (in 2012 holds a position of the first deputy head of Roskosmos) and the head of department of perspective trans-species researches and the MO Russian Federation special projects Nikolay Len Interregional public organization "Academy of Military Sciences" (MOO "AVN") was included in this list. "AVN" also began to arrive budget money. However, as believe in AFU, actually MOO did not carry out any works. The means received in the area of state defense order were cashed, abducted then and left to officials of the 46th central research institute Federal State Institution and, perhaps, the Ministry of Defence.

According to the version of the investigation, researches were performed by the staff of the 46th central research institute, then their works were brought to the office "AVN" located in the building of Center of Military History Ministry of Defence Federal State Institution on Universitetsky Avenue. There the details "AVN" were applied on documents. At the same time heads of MOO made dummy agreements of contracts that they allegedly involved dozens of specialists from different structures in works, including — of Federal State Unitary Enterprise TsAGI, TsIVPZS Russian Defense Ministry Federal State Institution, etc.

The researches with the put details "AVN" executed by forces of the 46th central research institute went to the Ministry of Defence where made decisions on their payment. At the same time money came to MOO. So far the amount of damage in the amount of 28.3 million rubles which were according to the investigators cashed and stolen is involved in case. However examination of the government contracts concluded within state defense order is appointed now. "After its end both the amount of damage, and number of defendants can grow" — noted a source of the agency in law enforcement agencies.

Charges by Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (large scale fraud) are brought to the deputy chief of 46 Central Research Institute MO RF Federal State Institution Nikolay Nezhinsky and the former employee of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces, the director of MOO "Academy of Military Sciences" Anatoly Shiblev.

"The academy of military sciences" — the known and reputable organization, it involves hundreds of specialists including from different Scientific Research Institute Ministry of Defence to execution of works — the lawyer Shibleva Alexander Vasilyev told Rosbalt. — In this case the Ministry of Defence, instead of the transferred budget money received their equivalent — in the form of results of research works. Claims to quality of the performed works did not arise, damage the Defense Ministry incurred nobody. If as approves the investigation, money in "AVN" was transferred unreasonably, then it is necessary to insist on fictitiousness of public contracts and delivery and acceptance certificates of works consistently. Otherwise the ends at charge will never meet with the ends. Shiblev has no relation to those documents on the basis of which money was transferred. Now we ask about the termination of criminal prosecution as in its actions there was no corpus delicti"[4].

The source of Rosbalt in law enforcement agencies noted that this criminal case is not connected with the latest events in the Ministry of Defence.

"Investigation was begun even before Anatoly Serdyukov's resignation" — the interlocutor of the agency told.