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The federal center of standardization in construction



2017: The structure of Ministry of Construction and the British BSI will develop the BIM standards in Russia

FAU "The Federal Center of Standardization in Construction" of Ministry of Construction and British Standards Institute (BSI) signed in April, 2017 the agreement within which they "will work together on development of a system of standardization in construction and practical application of a system of BIM modeling".

"The parties are going to work on questions of efficiency evaluation of use of BIM modeling, training in its principles of participants of investment and construction process, including the project organizations, investors, technical customers, and also managing and operating companies", said in material of Ministry of Construction. In the middle of April the first meeting on this subject of subcommittee "Technology of information modeling of buildings and constructions" of shopping mall 465th Construction will take place.

Great Britain of first-ever completely passed with one to information modeling at design and construction of facilities by the state order. It happened in April, 2016. As showed the analysis of pilot projects on construction of public schools, economy of budget costs at application of BIM made 30%.