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200 employees in 2019



2019: Verizon sold Tumblr of Automattic company

On August 12, 2019 Verizon announced sale to social network Tumblr of the Automattic company owning the project of Service is sold for nothing after prohibition of pornographic content.

Though the transaction price is officially not set, a number of editions knew of it. So, Axios writes that Automattic will pay for Tumblr purchase "much less $20 million" or even less than $10 million Automattic  will redeem all assets of Tumblr and promises to save all staff of acquired company (about 200 people).

The Tumblr social network which Yahoo purchased for $1.1 billion is sold for $20 million
The Tumblr social network which Yahoo purchased for $1.1 billion is sold for $20 million

In 2019 Tumblr began to limit the publication of a photo, video and text messages for adults, referring to a problem of avalanche distribution of pornographic content and different sexual harassments.

Tumblr notes that on expression of the sexuality of restriction are not imposed. Under a ban there were a photo and videos showing genitals of real people or female nipples, sexual intercourses, scenes of sexual violence (including zoophilia).

The system of blocking already works, but not always works correctly, TechCrunch notes: for example, one of users detected among the blocked pictures of a photo of a vase. After introduction of the ban of content for adults Tumblr traffic strongly decreased.

Wrote the The Wall Street Journal edition about plans of Verizon to sell Tumblr in May, 2019. In that publication it was said that the telecommunication giant looks for the buyer to stabilize a financial status of media industry of the company, including Yahoo, HuffPost and TechCrunch.[1]

According to the BuzzFeed portal, the pornographic service Pornhub "was extremely interested" in Tumblr acquisition. By August, 2019 in Tumblr there are more than 475 million blogs.


In 2013 Yahoo was purchased by Tumblr for  $ 1.1 billion, and to the 2016th the cost of service fell to $230 million.