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<b>Gers Jacques (Jacques Guers)</b>
Gers Jacques (Jacques Guers)


Took the leading positions in the companies of Europe and emerging economies.

Worked as the chief executive Xerox France and the vice president of corporation Xerox.

In September, 2019 Jacques Gers is appointed the adviser to the chairman of the board of directors of Softline company. In this role he will focus on creation of strategy of the company, participation in transactions M&A and consultation on these transactions, development of strategic initiatives and recommendations for a command for the purpose of their further embodiment and also creation of the strategic relations with large partners and vendors. Jacques Gers has 40-year work experience in the international IT corporations and broad examination in the field of management.

Awards and titles

In 2007 to Jacques Gers the rank "Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur" for a contribution to development of the French economy was given: he took active part in negotiations with the government of France concerning increase in attractiveness of the French economy for foreign investors as the member of MEDEF-French Business Confédération.