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Developers: APC by Schneider Electric
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/07/05
Last Release Date: 2019/11/07
Technology: UPS - Uninterruptible power supply units

APC Back-UPS BExxxx-RS series is a line of devices of uninterrupted power, belongs to the mass category of reserve UPSes.

2019: APC Back-UPS BE650G2-RS и BE850G2-RS

The Schneider Electric company, global manufacturer in the field of management of energy and automation, submitted on November 7, 2019 the next version of uninterruptible power supply units of APC Back-UPS of the BE series. Two UPS models: BE650G2-RS and BE850G2-RS which are a part of a line have a capacity 400W/650VA, 520W/850VA.


Models of APC Back-UPS of the BE series provide high-quality power supply and interference protection for the high-performance electronic equipment and computers in the conditions of the unstable power supply network.

Two BE650G2-RS and BE850G2-RS UPS models come for replacement to a line of best-sellers — BE550G-RS and BE700G-RS. Models have higher power and the increased battery life. They well are suitable for home office.

Devices are executed in a form factor, convenient for users, sockets are located horizontally in one block that does them simple for installation. Devices are equipped with USB ports: type c and type a.

APC Back-UPS of the BE series treat a segment linearly - interactive UPSes which main advantage is that they are capable to provide a normal power supply of loading at the increased or lowered power supply network tension (the most widespread type of malfunctions in domestic power supply networks) without transition to a standalone mode that prolongs service life of rechargeable batteries.

2017: APC Back-UPS BE700G-RS

On July 5, 2017 the Schneider Electric company announced market promotion of the APC Back-UPS BE700G-RS model.

APC Back-UPS BE700G-RS, (2015)
APC Back-UPS BE700G-RS, (2015)

APC Back-UPS BE700G-RS belongs to the mass category of reserve UPSes. In this model the lead-acid battery with thickened electrolyte and protection against leaks is installed.

BE700G-RS power ~ 700 BA (405 W), the device has eight euro sockets, four of which with function of back supply from the accumulator, and for protection connected to a telephone line and a local network of the equipment are provided in it connectors of RJ-11 and RJ-45.