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e.Queo Mobile platform

Developers: Ekvio (e.Queo)
Last Release Date: 2019/03/14
Branches: Science and education
Technology: HRM,  SaaS - Software as service,  Corporate portals,  Systems of distance learning


e.Queo is the cloud platform integrating in itself the training programs, tests and polls, employee competences, planning tools, and also methods of informing and motivation of employees.


The announcement of application launch of e.Queo on the MerliONCloud platform

On March 14, 2019 the MERLION company announced start together with e.Queo company (Ekvio) of the project of a cloud solution in the field of training of employees on the basis of mobile application of e.Queo. Joint start of a product is planned for the regional market of Russia and the CIS countries on the MerliONCloud platform. The MERLION company will act as the official distributor of the solution.

Learning platform of e.Queo
"The MerliONCloud platform is interesting to us as the supplier of different solutions and as an opportunity for development of Cloud-systems in the Russian market. The platform corresponds to the advanced solutions of distribution of cloud products".

Speaking about functionality of the e.Queo platform, the developer noted that she is rather extensive. So, for example, modules of training of employees are complemented with team management modules - "My command" and Awards which allow the head to control progress of passing of rates by employees of a command and also to encourage the caused a stir employees with awards which increase the personal rating of the employee, thereby motivating it to achievement of new results. Provides the anti-awards function which allows to fine employees for non-compliance with corporate standards for certain clients of the company.

The platform considers not only data on training, but also may contain information on target indicators that allows to range employees on the basis of results generally or command rating.

At the same time mobile application of e.Queo solves problems of an onbording of employees for their subsequent training, testing and involvement in the general ecosystem of development of the company. According to the statement of the developer, the platform is rather universal and can be configured under the company, both in terms of functional features, and in terms of design - the platform provides installation of classical design of the application or individual design for the company.

Description of the mobile platform

For March, 2019 the e.Queo platform is submitted as the uniform informational portal including necessary corporate information in work and designed to solve on-boarding'a problems, and also to develop knowledge and to raise employee competences.

The platform contains different data on employees, such as:

  • training progress;
  • employee competences;
  • results of professional testing;
  • certificates for passing of tests;
  • participation in actions and many other things.