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Gazpromneft - Corporate Sales: Wholesale 24 Personal account

Developers: Gazpromneft-corporate Sales
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/05/19
Branches: Transport
Technology: Cybersecurity - Fraud detection system (fraud)



Fuel payment online in gas station.GO the service card "Opti 24"

On May 22, 2020 Gazprom Neft announced expansion of functionality of proprietary mobile application of gas station.GO and start of service for professional drivers – fuel payment online for owners of the service cards "Opti 24". The service card as a payment method appears automatically – identification takes place by the phone number. Read more here.

Service of instant replenishment of the fuel account based on B2B-platezhi service

Sberbank, Gazprom Neft and Yandex.Money started functionality for corporate clients of the companies — service of fast account replenishment. The service can be received based on a personal account on the website, the functionality allows to fill up instantly the fuel account of corporate client from the bank checking account. On May 21, 2020 Gazprom Neft reported about it. 70% of the clients who used service of fast replenishment of the fuel account use such method of replenishment of the fuel account as the main. For May, 2020 instant replenishment of the agreement is available to clients of Sberbank.

Wholesale 24

The joint service "B2B-platezhi" from Sberbank and "Yandex.Cash" which allows entrepreneurs to pay orders only a few minutes by analogy with purchase in online stores became a basis of this solution. At payment of service or goods on the website of the seller the entrepreneur selects option "pay through Sberbank Business Online", then a method of authorization and payment confirmation. Right after payment the seller receives the notification on payment and information on the legal person of the buyer (for the closing documents). After that he can ship goods or render service, without waiting when money comes to its account, or the buyer will send the payment order. Thus, calculation term between the companies is reduced from 1–3 days to 1–3 minutes, accelerating processes of the companies and helping to increase sales.

The provided service allows the companies to fill up the fuel account instantly — as quickly as to individuals. Transactions take place at any time and from any device, and it means that corporate transportthe logistic companies, the taxi, health services — will continue to perform the work. Thus, we reduce risk of idle time of transport and we help business to remain the most effective,
told Alexey Bobrov, the head of department of client solutions of Gazprom Neft company

During creation of B2B-platezhi service our purpose was to provide to corporate clients the high speed of performing transactions and the maximum convenience in terms of the user experience. In it we were guided by process of online purchases in online stores. Thanks to the joint project with "Yandex.Cash" we managed to create the solution which allows not only to facilitate and accelerate online purchases and settlement of legal entities, but also becomes the platform for new client solutions of the largest Russian companies. We calculate that the B2B-platezhi service will become one of the most demanded types of calculation in corporate business,
noted Sergey Parshikov, the managing director of the Digital Corporate Bank division of Sberbank

Classical payment of B2B-accounts takes up to three banking days because strongly depends on the sizes of the companies and the speed of work of their accounting. Our service will help to reduce calculation term between Gazprom Neft and its corporate partners to only several minutes. Connection of the company to B2B-payments — an important event for all B2B-market. Thousands of corporate clients cooperate with Gazprom Neft, and now any of them will be able instantly to fill up the fuel account, without expecting long until there takes place payment, and without spending time for execution of payment orders,
commented Oksana Korobkina, the director of the department of commerce of Yandex.Money

Sberbank and "Yandex.Cash" started "B2B-payments" in October, 2018. The average payment amount through service for May, 2020 makes 26 thousand rubles. In a year through service over 140 million rubles were made purchases for the amount. Among clients of "B2B-payments" there are cellular operators, retailers, the IT companies among which — MTS,, "my Agent", Nethouse, NetByNet, Citilink and many others. Potential audience of "B2B-payments" — all Russian organizations working with corporate clients.

Service Rate on control of safety of fuel

On May 19, 2020 "Gazpromneft-corporate Sales" reported that increases efficiency of the enterprises transport-logistic the industries thanks to a digital instrument of control of fuel transactions.

The functionality of control of safety of fuel (antifraud) is available in the product "Rate" in a personal account of the client. In the automatic mode the amount of the fuel purchased at gas station is compared to actually come to a car tank. If between volumes mismatch is recorded, or payment and filling will happen at gas station to different coordinates, transaction will be marked as doubtful, and in a personal account the corresponding report will be created. Service is capable "distinguish" incidents when payment according to the card took place, but fuel did not come to a tank and vice versa. For an exception of wrong signals of frodovy transactions in a system errors of three types are considered: on coordinates, on time and an error of the fuel level sensor.

Digital solutions of an ecosystem of OPTI 24 serve not only for acceleration and business process optimization, but also for increase in cost efficiency of the logistic enterprises. The functionality of antifrodovy reports helps to reduce fuel costs, stopping its inappropriate expenditure. In the near-term outlook we will be able to implement deeper analysis of transactions and we will warn clients about other suspicious transactions, such as too frequent refueling or acquisition of different types of fuel for one trip,
considers the CEO of "Gazpromneft-corporate sales" Dmitry Guzeev.

For May, 2020 service works with the monitoring systems SCOUT and Omnicomm. The Antifrodovy report can be ordered in a personal account of OPTI 24, including if in cars of the client different monitoring systems are installed.