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Navicon and Breffi: OmniYou

Developers: Navicon, Breffi (Brefi)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/08/09
Branches: Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care
Technology: CRM,  CRM - Loyalty systems

2019: Announcement of OmniYou

On August 9, 2019 the Navicon company reported that it together with Breffi created the solution which will help the pharmaceutical companies to implement omnichannel approach to marketing. OmniYou, the solution of the next generation, allows to increase considerably return of investments from the marketing companies, to effectively implement omnichannel strategy, using control automation by communication channels with target audience.

According to the company, for August, 2019 marketing uses a set of communication channels: phone calls and SMS messages, social networks and messengers, webinars and conferences, face2face visits. And visits of medical representatives – the most effective and expensive channel. Before marketing specialists there is a task to raise ROI. How to reduce the promotional budget, without reducing efficiency of marketing activities? How to increase a covering and frequency of communication without use of traditional expensive methods of promotion?

Transition to omnichannel marketing solves this problem. However the lack of a uniform source data about target audience, necessary for omnichannel promotion, makes demands to IT architecture of the companies: sharply there is a question of the uniform center storages information.

To help to build effectively all system of communications within promotion of brands, Navicon and Breffi companies created the solution which will allow marketing specialists not only to build a uniform information warehouse on clients with complete and relevant data, but also to integrate among themselves all communication channels and also to enrich them with the data on target audience useful to achievement of goals of the company.

The solution automates all marketing cycle of promotion, providing to brand managers tools for management of communication with target audience, including segmentation of the customer base, creation of the cyclic communication scheme and a set of trigger campaigns, building best customer journey for each client. Within creation of the last marketing specialists create also triggers which automatically involve the necessary channels at approach of the designated events. To see, the current marketing activities are how effective, in the solution the analytics block with all necessary reports is implemented.