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Qiwi Leak-Search

Developers: Qiwi group
Date of the premiere of the system: July, 2020
Technology: Cybersecurity - Information loss preventions

2020: Start of the platform for leak detection of source codes in the companies from Qiwi

On July 30, 2020 announced Qiwi start of the platform for leak detection of source codes in the companies. The new solution was received by the name Leak-Search.

As developers explained, the technology companies upload many developments publicly, for example, on the platform GitHub, for market development. However the confidential data containing information, sensitive for the companies, can be so by mistake published. Leak-Search is capable to find automatically similar leaks and to build process on their prevention

This platform uses the distributed system of data collection imitating not machine search. It contains indicators of potentially sensitive information and traces it in open access. It allows to detect leaks thanks to the built-in algorithms on the basis of machine learning, excepting hit of wrong search results in final selection, noted in Qiwi.

Qiwi Leak-Search is the platform for leak detection of source codes in the companies

The software automates search on the basis of parsing of information and the analysis of false operations of indicators of leaks using artificial intelligence technologies. The analysis of false operations allows to detect leaks with a high accuracy. After detection the client receives the notification about leak, and then should check and delete independently data from the public platform.

By the end of July, 2020 testing of the Leak-Search platform is complete, and the product began to be on sale to clients of Qiwi. The company noted interest in the solution from representatives of the IT, financial and marketing industries. The cost of use of development in the company is not disclosed.

Leak-Search not the only similar solution in the Russian market. Similar products also offer Group-IB and GitGuardian companies.[1]