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Ruselectronics: Intellectual center of the municipal government

Developers: Flight, ChRZ
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/11/07
Technology: GIS - Geographic information systems,  Situational centers

2019: Announcement of the intellectual center of the municipal government

On November 7, 2019 the Ruselectronics company provided the intellectual center of the municipal government. A system collects data from all city systems in real time, processes the acquired information, predicts emergence of emergency situations and models optimal variants of solutions.

Ruselectronics: Intellectual center of the municipal government

According to the company, the intellectual center allows to create uniform information base, to provide synchronization of work of city services and management companies, to create a single system of management of key processes of municipality.

The modern megalopolis is a difficult organism in which different parts synchronously there is a set of processes and events. The system of permanent monitoring of such events and timely response to them is necessary for increase in effective management of municipal economy. The intellectual center of the municipal government can become a backbone element of the Smart City project. It will be a uniform point of collecting of diverse information that will provide status monitoring of city resources and infrastructure in real time.

Oleg Yevtushenko, the chief executive of Rostec told

The solution includes integration and analytical subsystems which are capable to distinguish and analyze different formats - telemetry, text data, video flows. The geographic information system with a possibility of creation of an unlimited number of thematic layers – for example, residential buildings, objects of social infrastructure, transport, services of the emergency reaction also is a part of a complex.

The intellectual center is developed by the Chelyabinsk radio plant Flight of Ruselectronics holding for the benefit of Chelyabinsk region.