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VMS Macroscop

Developers: Macroscop (Satellite Innovation)
Technology: Cybersecurity - Biometric identification,  Video surveillance systems



Modules as a part of VMS Macroscop

Macroscop specializes in complex approach to the solution of business challenges, offering a set of intelligent modules of own development. As of November, 2019 22 such modules enter a packet of VMS Macroscop:

  • Light face recognition
  • Complete face recognition
  • Recognition of autonumbers
  • Control of fullness of shelves
  • Calculation of visitors
  • Calculation of unique visitors
  • Determination of queue length
  • Thermal card of intensity of the movement
  • Tracking
  • The detector of the left objects
  • Interactive search
  • Control of activity of personnel
  • Detector of lack of helmets
  • Detection of persons
  • Detector of a loud sound
  • Detector of accumulation of people
  • Processing of audio streams
  • Detector of smoke and fire
  • Sabotage detector
  • Control of PTZ cameras
  • Development of fisheye-cameras
  • Reservation of the channel with display

The majority of intelligent modules can be tested in a demo mode.

Description of VMS Macroscop

The interface of the VMS Macroscop program is intuitive, allows to configure quickly a system from any number of servers and IP cameras and to instantly find the information required by the set parameters. With Macroscop significant savings on the server hardware are reached.

In the program exclusive development of Macroscop – technology of the video analysis in a compressed video flow without its complete unpacking thanks to which load of computing resources decreases to 4 times is implemented.

Macroscop allows to use any IP cameras. As of November, 2019 Macroscop supports 5630 models of IP cameras of 168 producers from Abron to Zavio.

Macroscop simply allows to find also quickly interesting object or an event, using functions of search in date, time, the object size, provision in a frame, the photo, to the person, object signs, the direction of the movement, car numbers, inspection zones and the crossed lines, transactions at the checkout. Program capabilities extend at connection of add-on intelligent modules and integration with the ACS and RPE systems.

Application industries

The intelligent modules Macroscop allow to use given software practically in any branches of the economy and productions: in banks, hospitals, the airports and railway stations, on industrial enterprises, in spheres of retail, education, medicine and many others.

Possibility of processing of video flows from 300 IP cameras on one server

According to information for June, 2019 Macroscop is the software developed for IP cameras which, according to developers, allows to try to obtain increase in data processing rate by 4 times and to process on one server video flows from 300 IP cameras.

2016: Macroscop Ultra is optimized for video systems of big scale

In Macroscop Ultra specialized options are implemented, are especially demanded in large-scale video systems. Using this complex it is possible to create complexes for the solution of different tasks and scale, at the same time the number of cameras can be unlimited. Specific Features:

  • the option of duplication of archive on several winchesters will allow to increase reliability of preserving of information significantly;
  • chat. Implementation of such function will give the chance to system administrators and operators to exchange settings and office messages;
  • creation of the videowall without use of additional utilities and products. Jobs can be configured by interactive drag and drop of images from cameras.

Software it is capable to save twice resources of server devices in comparison with the normal version of Macroscop. Besides, in it the same intellectual functions, as in the basic version of software will work (viewing movements, interactive search, recognition of numbers of vehicles, identification of the left things and many other things). Also will be available the web client and free applications.