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Yandex. Lyceum

Developers: Yandex
Last Release Date: 2020/03/25
Branches: Science and education
Technology: Systems of distance learning


Yandex. The lyceum is an educational project of "Yandex" on training of school students in programming.


" Yandex.lyceum " can be open in all regions until the end of the year

In space Digital medium of the Digital Economy organization there passed working meeting concerning implementation of educational projects of Yandex. Lyceum and Yandex. The textbook, the regional projects for development of digital economy answering to recommendations about formation (the order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation of 8/1/2019 No. 428 "About the Adoption of Explanations (methodical recommendations) about development of regional projects within federal drafts of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation". On March 25, 2020 reported about it in ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika.

By October, 2020 Yandex. The lyceum can appear in the following regions of Russia: Republic of Karelia, Ingushetia, Mari El, Adygea, Altai, Mordovia, Kabardino-Balkar Republic and also Kamchatka Krai, Jewish Autonomous Region, Magadan, Irkutsk, Tomsk, Leningrad, Oryol regions. Thus, in 2020 Yandex. The lyceum can be started practically in all subjects of the Russian Federation.

We aim to create all conditions in order that as much as possible school students could try an IT profession. In Yandex. Lyceum children can estimate the capabilities and develop necessary competences to become programmers. It is excellent start for school students, and for us — an opportunity to make a contribution to development of digital economy and to bring up generation of excellent IT specialists, – the Yandex project manager noted. Lyceum Marina Suslova.

Within service Yandex.textbook is implemented the I Am a Teacher program within which teachers learn to use new technologies and software solutions, learn about methods of collecting and data processing. All this helps to keep statistics of progress and to analyze errors of each child. Read more here.

About the training program

According to information for March, 2020 the training program of Yandex.lyceum is expected two years. On occupations children get acquainted with the theory and master technologies in practice. Training in Yandex. Lyceum free is also conducted in a format of additional education in offline - a format based on regional educational institutions, such as children's technoparks, IT clubs, centers of additional education, universities, schools, lyceums, gymnasiums.

School students get acquainted with programming on the example of Python. It is simple to master this language, besides it allows to solve a set of problems.

Occupations are conducted by the local teachers who underwent special selection and training. Yandex. The lyceum helps teachers and supervises their work throughout educational process. The course is taught by local teachers who underwent selection on compliance to project standards and receive maintenance and control from "Yandex".

At the exit school students receive the skills sufficient to begin work as the developer or the trainee in any city irrespective of the place of passing of a rate.


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