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AB InBev Efes created a single platform of personnel management and optimized personnel processes

Customers: AB InBev Efes (AB Inbev Efes)

Wedge; Food industry

Contractors: MOLGA Consulting
Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2018/09  - 2019/01

2019: Creation of a single platform of personnel management and optimization of personnel processes

On May 21, 2020 it became known that in the conditions of merge of two businesses of AB InBev Efes it was succeeded to create rapidly a single scalable platform of personnel management and to implement automated systems of self-service of employees and management. The MOLGA Consulting company acted as the partner in project implementation .

The project on creation of a single scalable platform of personnel management was implemented in short terms: design of a template began in September, 2018 and in January the 2019th it was successfully started. The AB InBev Efes and MOLGA Consulting commands in only four months managed to unify processes, to design single sample solution and to configure integration into the global AB InBev system.

In 2019 the project was continued in the territory of Ukraine: there was an alignment of processes of the enterprises, adaptation of single sample solution under specifics of the legislation and circulation of the solution on the enterprises which are located in the territory of this country. Use of best practices of both companies, receiving a single platform of personnel management in the territory of two countries and providing automated systems of self-service to employees was the main objective. Implementation of these tools allowed the company to manage effectively holidays, business trips and to optimize processes of providing HR services.

As a result of start of the solution costs for personnel management decreased that allows to improve management of working time, to plan training, actions and salary payment. Also the transparency managed to reach AB InBev Efes and availability of information to acceptance of management decisions and to normalize historical data for calculation of average earnings.

Start of the HR platform happened along with legal merger of companies, integration of all accounting systems and operational business processes. Despite deadlines and complexity of simultaneous transformation of business, we started a scalable solution which provides to our employees convenient services and increases process performance,
told Vladimir Demkin, Solutions Director AB InBev Efes.

The AB InBev Efes and MOLGA Consulting commands successfully coped with the main objective of the project — reorganization and unification of HR processes of two companies and also implementation of single solution on personnel management. In turn the real scaling option of the created solution was proved by the project in AB InBev Efes Ukraine,
commented Maxim Rodionov, the Partner of MOLGA Consulting.