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Aleyskzernoprodukt applies EDMS Matter in the central office

Customers: Aleyskzernoprodukt of S.N. Starovoytov

Food industry

Product: Case (EOS Group)
На базе: Oracle Database 11g

Project date: 2008/01  - 2019/12

2019: Application of EDMS Matter in the central office

Aleyskzernoprodukt Ltd of S.N. Starovoytov implemented EDMS "CASE" at the central office. On February 13, 2020 the company reported about it EOS GROUP.

The software product was purchased in 2008 at the initiative of the management of Aleyskzernoprodukt Ltd. The main tasks for which solution "BUSINESS" – workflow automation in the company and control of accomplishment of instructions intended. The purchased automated workplaces were set on jobs of the associate director on production, the secretary and information department.

As the personnel of IT department of the customer had necessary skill level, the enterprise conducted implementation of EDMS independently. Specialists installed Aleyskzernoprodukt and configured a system with consulting support of KS-Consulting company, the partner of EOS Group in this region and software supplier.

As a result of a task which was set for implementation of EDMS it was succeeded to solve in full. Systems capabilities allowed to reduce time for exchange of documents and to arrange work with them.

For the period uses of a system specialists Aleyskzernoprodukt were convinced that "CASE" corresponds to all the main requirements to the organization of document flow in the enterprise. The customer regularly updates EDMS that users had an access to all necessary functions.