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Avtogradbank transferred branches in Naberezhnye Chelny and Kazan to the QBIS system

Customers: Avtogradbank

Kazan; Financial services, investments and audit

Product: QBIS
Second product: QBIS.Online

Project date: 2012/01  - 2020/01


2020: Transition of branches in Naberezhnye Chelny and Kazan on QBIS

One of banks of the Republic of Tatarstan Avtogradbank within updating of the automated banking system completed transition of branches in Naberezhnye Chelny and Kazan on IBS of QBIS developed by Banking Information Systems company. Reported about it to the large-scale integrated circuit on February 12, 2020.

In cooperation with the large-scale integrated circuit in credit institution one of the most complete system configurations of QBIS which includes for February, 2020 30 software modules on automation of such directions as crediting, deposits, payments of the population, financial monitoring, currency exchange control, factoring, depository accounting, exchange of electronic documents, tax accounting, economic agreements and many others is implemented.

Avtogradbank made the decision on upgrade of a banking system for the purpose of quality improvement of customer service and need of rapid and effective implementation of modern banking technologies in the conditions of the growing digitalization of the financial sector.

In particular, the scale of use of a system increased, the speed and safety of performing banking transactions is increased and also the automated control of accomplishment of regulatory requirements is provided.

Automation of the basic technology processes allows to redirect the potential of employees on development of perspective activities now.

A choice for benefit of the QBIS family is made on the basis of the following factors: the modular structure of IBS allows to increase easily functionality of a system in process of expansion of a circle of the executed transactions; a possibility of the QBIS setup under individual requirements of bank; simplicity and short terms of implementation; the large-scale integrated circuit branch network on user support.

In the conditions of dynamic development of remote banking along with updating of a banking system in Avtogradbank the latest version of RBS of QBIS.Online on service of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with the improved interface and the raised security level is set.

Use of the QBIS software products allows bank to provide sustainable market development and competitiveness and also to optimize financial and economic activity and to qualitatively expand the customer base.

2012: Purchase agreement of the QBIS system

Large-scale integrated circuit company signed the license agreement with Avtogradbank about purchase by the last of the centralized version of the QBIS system containing 18 modules. As expected, it will allow bank to optimize quality of work with clients.


In the nearest future in bank the centralized version including 18 modules that will help bank to expand the opportunities for customer service should be set. In particular, the scale of use of a system thanks to the fact that now the number of users employees of the bank who can work at the same time for IBS will increase more than twice will increase.

Avtogradbank is interested in development of the system remote banking (RBS), and implementation of IBS QBIS will allow to provide such development that it is very important in present conditions when improvement of RBS is an unconditional trend of banking business, emphasized in the large-scale integrated circuit.


Avtogradbank is going to make independently installation of IBS of QBIS with consulting support of specialists. For ensuring smooth operation of a system between the company and bank the agreement of maintenance according to which the bank will receive not only service, but also all necessary updates is signed.