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"The first Bit" automated processing of financial information for Talan

Customers: Coupon Management company

Izhevsk; Construction and industry of construction materials

Product: BIT. Finance. Holding

Project date: 2018/09  - 2019/02

On March 14, 2019 First Bit announced implementation in federal company "Talan" of a system "to BIT. Finance.holding ". It allows to accelerate processing of financial information by 100 times that in total will bring to the builder up to 10 million rubles economic effect in a year.

Experts of The First Beat company in short terms automated processes of management of cash flow and control of budget implementation in Talan company. It allows to approve and adjust quickly budgets, to collect and process information on budgeting, treasury.

Unloading of data in a BI system was also optimized and automatic formation of the consolidated statements is built up. At the same time the program of bits.FINANS/holdings is completely integrated with the IT solutions which are already used in Talan company.

As a result the company management of Talan has an opportunity to quickly obtain necessary data timely to react to the slightest changes in activity of the company. Besides, using the solution of bits.FINANS/holdings the staff of the company can change techniques of collecting and data processing of the budget, cash flow and the income and expenditure budget.
Konstantin Ivanov, project manager of The First Beat company